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  1. BM Hunter PvP (live realm)64127 RAP54.32% mastery59.10% PvP Power77.00% Enemy's PvP resil45.70% Enemy's armor=> (1.5*(935+(RAP*0.938))*1.mastery)*(1+pvp power)*(1-pvp resil)*(1-armor)=> (1.5*(935+(64127*0.938))*1.5432)*1.5910*0.23*0.543= 28097 (29706 ingame (live realm))http://imgur.com/a/emJzT 36k in burst (uncritted) and 72k critted http://imgur.com/a/qqULfFor me all it's okay.
  2. There is nothing different from pvp content and world content, since we removed the cross-realm and the pvp realm.
  3. As I said in the other topic, let me know when you're online, so I can test with you. You can also record the tests. Usually I don't act in this way, but since you didn't provide any proof, I'll give you a chance to test directly with me.
  4. That's exactly how works in the server, I tested on live realm.
  5. Okay, come online and I'll teleport you into a bg, to show you that you're wrong. kill command doesn't ignore armor, at all. Plus, I'm not a constant player, so i don't take advantages if my class is bugged or not. Another thing is that you didn't provide any proof, you're just saying that is bugged but I still didn't see screenshots. You should be grateful that I'm replying, in the past I would have completely ignored posts like this, without proofs.
  6. @uglyboy I worked heavily to fix my class and i can assure you, the damage is fine, i'm pretty sure they are abusing in a way for which i didn't find a cause yet. If you need some explainations, let me know and I will log so you can see with your eyes the damage, i can provide you all the formulations. Send me a pm.
  7. Beacuse you don't know how to do, pretty sure
  8. BM Hunter 77354 RAP 60.69% mastery Kill Command: (1.5x(935+(RAPx0.938))xmastery Unbuffed => (1.5x(935+(RAPx0.938)x1.mastery) => (1.5x(935+(77354x0.938)x1.6069)= 177142 ( 176061 ingame) Bestial Wrath (add x1.2) => (1.5x(935+(RAPx0.938)x1.mastery)x1.2 => (1.5x(935+(77354x0.938)x1.6069)x1.2=212570 ( 211273 ingame) Bite: ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmastery Unbuffed below 50 energy => ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmastery => ((1.5x(118+166/2+77354x0.168)))x1.6069= 32408 (30588 ingame) Ferocity below 50 energy (add x1.1 for spiked collar) => ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmasteryx1.1 => ((1.5x(118+166/2+77354x0.168)))x1.6069x1.1= 35649 (33646 ingame) Blink Strikes below 50 energy (add x1.5) => ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmasteryx1.5 => ((1.5x(118+166/2+77354x0.168)))x1.6069x1.5= 48612 (45882 ingame) Bestial Wrath below 50 energy (add x1.2) => ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmasteryx1.2 => ((1.5x(118+166/2+77354x0.168)))x1.6069x1.2= 38890 (36705 ingame) Unbuffed above 50 energy (add x2) => ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmasteryx2 => ((1.5x(118+166/2+77354x0.168)))x1.6069x2= 64816 (61176 ingame) Ferocity with Blink Strikes with Bestial Wrath above 50 energy (add x1.1x1.5x1.2x2) => ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmasteryx1.1x1.5x1.2x2 => ((1.5x(118+166/2+77354x0.168)))x1.6069x1.1x1.5x1.2x2= 128336 (121128 ingame) http://imgur.com/a/waP8M this is in pvp -> 30k no burst, 36k burst, i dont know where you've seen those damages For any doubt you can send me a pm. I posted the formulation on purpose so you can bring an hunter and test from your own, if you don't believe. Have a nice day
  9. We did some hotfixes, all should be fine soon
  10. Yes, you just have to wait, because you're game is downloading the new areas
  11. From what I see, it worked
  12. @Sarah Shan Log out from forum, then reconnect again
  13. Ciao @galadrien, contattami su discord
  14. Yes, pandashan launcher doesn't work anymore.
  15. mop

    @Namepala This happens since when? PS: @MiWo there is an important bug regarding the intermission phase, hunter's pets are not teleported, they should be teleported.