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  1. BM Hunter PvP (live realm)64127 RAP54.32% mastery59.10% PvP Power77.00% Enemy's PvP resil45.70% Enemy's armor=> (1.5*(935+(RAP*0.938))*1.mastery)*(1+pvp power)*(1-pvp resil)*(1-armor)=> (1.5*(935+(64127*0.938))*1.5432)*1.5910*0.23*0.543= 28097 (29706 ingame (live realm))http://imgur.com/a/emJzT 36k in burst (uncritted) and 72k critted http://imgur.com/a/qqULfFor me all it's okay.
  2. There is nothing different from pvp content and world content, since we removed the cross-realm and the pvp realm.
  3. As I said in the other topic, let me know when you're online, so I can test with you. You can also record the tests. Usually I don't act in this way, but since you didn't provide any proof, I'll give you a chance to test directly with me.
  4. That's exactly how works in the server, I tested on live realm.
  5. Okay, come online and I'll teleport you into a bg, to show you that you're wrong. kill command doesn't ignore armor, at all. Plus, I'm not a constant player, so i don't take advantages if my class is bugged or not. Another thing is that you didn't provide any proof, you're just saying that is bugged but I still didn't see screenshots. You should be grateful that I'm replying, in the past I would have completely ignored posts like this, without proofs.
  6. @uglyboy I worked heavily to fix my class and i can assure you, the damage is fine, i'm pretty sure they are abusing in a way for which i didn't find a cause yet. If you need some explainations, let me know and I will log so you can see with your eyes the damage, i can provide you all the formulations. Send me a pm.
  7. Beacuse you don't know how to do, pretty sure
  8. BM Hunter 77354 RAP 60.69% mastery Kill Command: (1.5x(935+(RAPx0.938))xmastery Unbuffed => (1.5x(935+(RAPx0.938)x1.mastery) => (1.5x(935+(77354x0.938)x1.6069)= 177142 ( 176061 ingame) Bestial Wrath (add x1.2) => (1.5x(935+(RAPx0.938)x1.mastery)x1.2 => (1.5x(935+(77354x0.938)x1.6069)x1.2=212570 ( 211273 ingame) Bite: ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmastery Unbuffed below 50 energy => ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmastery => ((1.5x(118+166/2+77354x0.168)))x1.6069= 32408 (30588 ingame) Ferocity below 50 energy (add x1.1 for spiked collar) => ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmasteryx1.1 => ((1.5x(118+166/2+77354x0.168)))x1.6069x1.1= 35649 (33646 ingame) Blink Strikes below 50 energy (add x1.5) => ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmasteryx1.5 => ((1.5x(118+166/2+77354x0.168)))x1.6069x1.5= 48612 (45882 ingame) Bestial Wrath below 50 energy (add x1.2) => ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmasteryx1.2 => ((1.5x(118+166/2+77354x0.168)))x1.6069x1.2= 38890 (36705 ingame) Unbuffed above 50 energy (add x2) => ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmasteryx2 => ((1.5x(118+166/2+77354x0.168)))x1.6069x2= 64816 (61176 ingame) Ferocity with Blink Strikes with Bestial Wrath above 50 energy (add x1.1x1.5x1.2x2) => ((1.5x(118+166/2+RAPx0.168)))xmasteryx1.1x1.5x1.2x2 => ((1.5x(118+166/2+77354x0.168)))x1.6069x1.1x1.5x1.2x2= 128336 (121128 ingame) http://imgur.com/a/waP8M this is in pvp -> 30k no burst, 36k burst, i dont know where you've seen those damages For any doubt you can send me a pm. I posted the formulation on purpose so you can bring an hunter and test from your own, if you don't believe. Have a nice day
  9. We did some hotfixes, all should be fine soon
  10. Yes, you just have to wait, because you're game is downloading the new areas
  11. From what I see, it worked
  12. @Sarah Shan Log out from forum, then reconnect again
  13. Ciao @galadrien, contattami su discord
  14. Yes, pandashan launcher doesn't work anymore.
  15. mop

    @Namepala This happens since when? PS: @MiWo there is an important bug regarding the intermission phase, hunter's pets are not teleported, they should be teleported.
  16. As @abbest said, this mount was obtainable during the "refer a friend event" and now it's done.
  17. mop

    Thanks MiWo, I'll check your changes this afternoon.
  18. @andreidacian This post is pretty useless, you haven't provided any useful informations, you're just complaining. Please if you have noticed something wrong, write here and provide informations and details or your report will be invalidated. Have a nice day.
  19. Se riscontri ancora problemi puoi scrivere nella sezione "technical support" qui
  20. Wrong section, please write here.
  21. mop

    Thanks MiWo, I'll test this boss again this afternoon.
  22. @Sandervdmeer I hope this helps.
  23. mop

    Yes, i agree, it is easier to test the bosses one at a time. but some abilities of one boss affect other bosses, so you have to pay attention to this.
  24. Benvenuto su firestorm @sharko, spero che ti troverai bene, per qualsiasi dubbio non esitare a contattarmi.
  25. mop

    About http://www.wowhead.com/npc=72154/desecrated-weapon there is a visual bug, as you see in the screenshot: Around the weapon should be a purple circle, which identifies the range, as you see here: Another bug related to this is the following: Sometimes garrosh puts the http://www.wowhead.com/npc=72154/desecrated-weapon in the air. Another problem is http://www.wowhead.com/spell=144816/empowered-desecrate : Garrosh hurls the Empowered Desecrated Weapon at a random enemy, inflicting 146250 to 153750 Shadow damage to enemies within 15 yards and creates an Empowered Desecrated Weapon at the location which gains Power of Y'Shaarj, causing it to become indestructible and regain health over time. Currently the weapon does not recover its hp. Regarding the missing mobs: Temple of the Red Crane: The mob on the left is missing. Temple of the Jade Serpent: Here 3 mobs on each of these side are missing.