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  1. My apologies to you Spartan, I reacted out of anger and am very sorry. Icemetal, I'm sorry to you as well. Please do read the message that I just sent you. I took the time there to write out everything and phrase it properly in hopes of a better understanding of my intentions, because indeed they are positive! I don't mean to be so insulting and am not normally like that. Never am I like that in person either, so please do understand that I'm only human and make mistakes as well. Not that it's acceptable, but I hope it isn't permanently held against me is all. Really, I'm not a bad person despite the poor display of character at times! It won't happen again! Once again, my apologies and humility. -Rejoice.
  2. That's ridiculous. We help the server stay #1 on that top list and in return we get sh!tted on with answers like that? Can you not see that what he's actually trying to say, is that buying 100k Gold is cheaper in Vote Points than to buy the actual mount, which would add out to be 200k worth of gold in Vote Points? He's pointing out a flaw in the donation/vote shop system. Please don't tell me that on top of the server being 50-75% foreign and non-fluent in the English language, that the Trial Forum Moderator himself also can not read. Just like you skimmed my whole entire post in the Suggestions forum and continued to compare this pServer to multi-million dollar retail realms, all in 1, short a$$ paragraph? Grrrrrr. Can an actual administrator please come read this? The ADMIN of this^^ ADMIN, please come read this? This is absolutely nuts...
  3. Upon re-reading my initial post; I understand that the point I was getting at was poorly put. I'll restate it like this: -For the PvP iLevel 730 Gear, there's no possible way that everyone on the server would ever have it due to the population growth; and people always get tired of their classes, so they make alts. Which, in turn, would be fun for everyone still, because you'd be epic'd out and be able to pwn newbies and the BG battles would become based solely on skill if everyone in the BG did in fact have iLevel 730 Gear. -Fixing more of the quests for leveling: There's 1000's of quests, so this takes time, I understand. I was suggesting a solution that is much faster and more efficient than going zone to zone and fixing the quests (or however they're fixed). Leveling zones are ehh, I'm not entirely for that idea. Which is why I'm more towards opening all of the flight paths up, so that people can try leveling in a different zone where the quests are working. AoE killing in zones where the quests aren't working is much faster leveling than running back and forth anyways, unless the person has their XP rate set to 1x. Which I never do, and I don't think the majority does that either. 1x Leveling rates would be more commonplace with all or most of the quests being fixed, as well as dungeons and raids. -You mentioned doing Cata raids for gold and what not. That works entirely perfect, yes. I'm not concerned with gold myself. Actually, I don't think I mentioned being concerned with it, I mentioned it being an alternative currency to attaining gear from gear vendors. So you get gold and CQ points at the same time to buy the items rather than attaining the rating, which would still take people time to do especially if the gold requirement was 300k gold a piece. See what I'm saying now? It would still take months but the gear would be more evened out as opposed to having like 20 people on the whole server that have that gear. -A lot of raids and dungeons are still not working; so gathering greens to gain gold, you have to know which dungeons and raids have plenty of mobs that drop greens/rares in order to go sell them. I'm not mad about that. Like I said, I know these things take time. Idk how or why they chose to jump over to 6.2 prior to fixing things that were still not working, but oh well. Idk what all 6.2 has in it anyways that's different aside from PvP gear and possibly some PvE gear. -For the gear vendors, I was recommending farming gold to get rares or iLevel 620-640 Epics, not necessarily PvP gear. That way people that are just hitting level 100 don't join BG's with 140k HP and become a burden for the team. It'd also be more fun for people, give people a new challenge to look forward to upon hitting level 100 before they can go in to BG's. Basically give them an option to farm some gold real quick to get basic gear and at least have 180k-200k HP before entering a BG so they don't get stomped the whole time before they start getting enough Honor/CQ gear to up their stats. -NOW, if you add 2 and 2 together with the gear vendor prior to entering BG's, and people being able to attain iLevel 730 gear without having to be a super-pro player and know the ins and outs of every single class (basically sacrifice their social lives for this game just like 1.12), they can slowly but surely FARM it. And the people just entering BG's would be able to fight and the people that farmed for a long time to get the 730 gear would get the satisfaction of 2 shotting people here and there since the 730 gear would be more evenly spread amongst players. There would be a balance, I've WITNESSED it in other places. I don't see what the fuss is about, you guys are knocking perfectly fine ideas and trying to make the server as retail-like as possible when in fact, people come to private servers for a reason. Donors can obviously pay to play retail. They choose not to because of things like leveling faster and getting gear easier. You get it? Non-donors, well I'm sure they could even pay to play retail as well. Everyone picks a private server on common ground, and in my own educated opinion, it's for those reasons stated above. If the PvP system was entirely fixed and working properly, then it'd be more fair to players to get that max PvP gear the hard way. But in this case, it simply isn't, because classes are not yet entirely balanced. There is simply no way of making a private server identical to retail, so why not choose to make it different instead of striving towards an impossible cause? -Best intentions and regards, Rejoice. PS, I love the sh!t out of this server and am only recommending room for improvement, I'm not trying to be so critical. If I truly hated these things that much, I'd leave. This server is amazing and fun to play, so please don't get me wrong or perceive the wrong message from it. But I could see these things making this server legendary if executed in the proper fashion.
  4. -I'm not concerned with money and as far as people getting lost, why the hell would they play WoD for the FIRST time on a private server? And how can they get lost when the levels for the zones are written right there on the map? The last time I got lost in WoW, I was like 9, and that's when I started playing and just wanted to explore the world. All flight paths makes it easier for people to read the map, see the level zones, and know where they're going. It just makes it that much faster seeing as though a whole ton of quests are still broken. I understand they're focusing on getting Draenor quests working more as well as bonus objectives so I'm really not mad about that, I'm just suggesting a temporary fix. And all of these ideas are bad? The 2nd biggest realm to this one, utilizes all of these ideas. If people wanted retail, wouldn't it make sense for them to play retail? Especially with it being as difficult as it is to connect to this server since the merge? -"Why bother with everything if you are making everything accessible within a few days of playing?" - 1700 CQ points cap for those with lower rating, 27,000 CQ points or more required to attain FULL PvP iLevel 730 Gear. Do the math, 15.88 weeks of consistent playing. 4 months. And you're talking about a few days of playing? A majority of Arena 2s players are at a lower rating. Even with max rating, it takes 6.75 weeks, or a month and a half. Check yourself. And that's CONSISTENT playing, and consistent retaining of 2200+ rating. How many people have the iLevel 730 gear? I have not seen it yet. Due to the rating requirements. Those that are rated high enough to get it and have attained that gear seem to not come around often, probably due to exhaustion of PvPing from the constant arenas and trying their absolute best just to get that gear. -Soloing dungeons, well, I've Que'd the dungeon finder for over an hour and never got any pops. People are always looking to kill that Ashran Boss though, but never anything else. Why? I don't understand it. And if people aren't Q'ing for the Dungeon finder, in order to solo it, you gotta travel there via flight path or on foot to the instance entrance just like 1.12. I don't mind that, especially if the dungeons are soloable or even 2-3 man. Getting 5 people for a dungeon is seemingly impossible, especially with the different languages. ***You missed my point entirely when it came to different languages: My point was that TEAMWORK becomes harder. A 6 year old can level to 100 with minor assistance on where to go. That's not hard. Language has nothing to do with getting lost or leveling to 100. Teamwork is very difficult if you don't speak Spanish, Russian, French or German though, as well as whatever other languages got thrown in to this server. Maybe rename Grommash to something else so that the Russians don't get mixed up, because the Russian realm is just Grommash RU. I can see how easy it is to get it mixed up.*** ----Basically, rather than blatantly insulting and ignoring my ideas, perhaps give them thought. I see all the responses came right off the top of your heads due to the saltiness in the messages. Retail doesn't give all flight paths, yes. But retail also has 100% of quests working and functional. You can't compare this server to retail, not until it's literally THAT close. I will say, the PvP has improved drastically, even though fDruids don't do as much damage as they should, and certain abilities are still bugged but these things require time and patience to fix, so I'm not even upset about it really, I just threw it in the suggestions because I'm unaware of what they're trying to focus on fixing at the moment. It's always something new. ---You guys missed my points and the message behind the suggestions. Put yourself in another's shoes for once. Put yourselves in the majority's shoes; which are non-donors. I'm a donor, a generous one; but still choose to show compassion and empathy, thus trying to help out new players all the time. (PS, as for money, I have 400k gold and have had 2 million at one point, and 700 Enchanting. Temporal Crystals sell for a pretty penny. I'm more concerned with helping the new players and getting the server population up in hopes of seeing more English players.) Best regards - Rejoice
  5. And as a matter of fact, my gear is still PvP iLevel 660 from the last patch when I got him premade. So, yeah.
  6. I'm unaware if this needs to be formatted like other forums are, but here is an entire list of suggestions for this server that would make things very easy for all of us: 1) Add more portals near Alliance and Horde bases, thus making it easier to travel for new players. 1a.) OR, teach each player every flight path upon creation. Something like that. I would say a teleportation stone, but that would need quite a bit of scripting and it would have to be not usable in combat or battlegrounds. Or, make the teleports from the stone have a 20 second cast time? 2) Fix more of the quests for players that are still leveling 2a.) OR, add leveling zones where players can just AoE kill mobs. All of the content that players look forward to is at level 100. I understand that they can donate for level 100 premades (I did myself), but in a sense, it ruins the fun. Leveling zones are at least enjoyable. I also understand it would cut the server short of a lot of money, but even with a leveling zone or zones, it would still take two to three hours or more. 3) Offer starting heirlooms for 1st-time players, that's another solution to the leveling. I've helped at least 10 or 12 players get heirlooms by buying them for them as well as giving them the money to upgrade their heirlooms to level 90. 4) Please add the rest of the heirlooms that are missing from Guild Vendors. Please. I have 64/80, all maxed to 100! I totally wanna collect each and every one! (APPRECIATION): Whatever you guys do, please don't get rid of transmogging the heirlooms (if you weren't already aware of that). It totally sucks having to run around in dungeon set 1 looking gear until level 60 when you can buy the replica warlord gear and transmog it. And even then, the Warlord/Grand Marshal gear is super boring. I appreciate you guys not removing it! Thank you! 5) Buff Feral Druids? They don't do crap for damage. Really, garbage. 6) Add a system where players can farm gold for Epic iLevel 620-640 gear? Or even rares if they just hit level 100 on their first character? It wouldn't cut money losses much since people love to save time. A lot of the garrison quests are too bugged to gather up the materials for the gear, and PvE isn't very commonplace since a majority of the dungeons aren't working. Ever since the merge, it seems as though 85% of the playerbase is now of a foreign language, thus making it impossible to ever do dungeons/raids with them anyways. It takes weeks, if not months on end, to get the Epic conquest gear depending on faction. Alliance tends to win a lot, I've noticed. 6b.) Or, remove the Arena and BG rating requirements of the epic conquest gear and add gold as a secondary currency? Players can't donate for CQ points nor can they donate for that gear itself. So, only the players that are aware of the bugs of each class on this server and take advantage of that end up getting that gear. It sucks so bad. Why even have the rating requirements if certain classes are still bugged? Having that gear is not a demonstration of skill as long as there are bugs to be had. Heart of the Wild for druids is still not working, for example. And their damage is crap. Sorry to sound insulting or disrespectful towards the server, but it's true. Please remove the rating requirements D': 7) Make WoD dungeons Soloable? As I stated before, there are hardly any English or American players left. Attaining gear has become very monotonous especially on Horde, constantly losing and racking up honor 100 points at a time and RARELY getting CQ points. Creating a Premade group is not an option with the lack of American players. I don't even know what to do. Just be happy with the PvP ilevel 690 gear and getting stomped on? It sucks. There definitely NEEDS to be an alternate gear system, especially as long as many of the classes are still bugged. Check the database for classes that nobody plays? I used to be, single-handedly, the best Resto Druid on the server when it was just Ashran. Many people knew my name then, and I had a good reputation for always helping others. Nowadays, my heals are garbage. Why? I don't understand what happened. I appreciate you taking the time to review this post thoroughly and give each of these ideas a consideration. If it ends up declined, I understand, because it's a list of suggestions, not just one. I hope other players see this as well and hopefully we strike common ground on some of these issues. When's the last time you saw anyone in the PvP iLevel 730 Elite Conquest gear? I have not seen any so far. I'm sure there are some, and I guarantee that their class is nerfed, bugged, or they secretly farmed arenas with a few real life friends and managed to not get caught. Please do something, GM's. My resto druid is suffering from gear deprivation ever since 6.2 has been added :'(