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  1. In this server, what is the base stats a frost dk should aim for? Ie. 25 crit, 30 haste, 40 mastery? Also what trinkets are best single target for raid? I have the wrist and belt legendary equipped. I'm at 64 traits, just looking for a way to tweak my dps to be even more. Thanks in advance.
  2. @Latisimus @Inveric
  3. Does versatility work on this server as intended?
  4. Well yes and no, rated only having the ap boost for a win only. It will allow those wanting to compete and have a rating system for battlegrounds that are easier to q or form.
  5. Title: Rated Battlegrounds Type: In-game Description:  Implement Solo Que/5 man for rated battlegrounds. It's too hard now to get teams together and wait all day for another team to form. Allowing solo q will allow everyone on the server better chances to experience rated games in the battleground. Pvp is a major part on Sylvanas as few guilds are clearing ToS so we spend most of our time farming bgs and mythic + for AP. The server can only benefit by this suggestion as it will draw more people that enjoy competitive pvp in the battleground arena.
  6. Title: Profession Type: Shop Description:  Upgrade the professions skills to legion with full recipes in the shop. Where people can buy ie enchanting with all recipes or for a cheaper amount enchanting for legion with no recipes. The average player can't farm for 6 months to get all 2 professions maxed and cooking so we miss out on a lot.