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  1. Hmm.Wierd.if u have fast internet maybe consider re-downloading game and see if it works.
  2. Hello. If you are using files from other bfa 8.0.1 server just download "bfa minimal client" from firestorm and set it to ur wow folder and run firestorm launcher.That's how i did it and works just fine.
  3. Title: Transmog NPC Type: In-game Description:  Hello.i was just wondering if you guys could add "transmog vendor" in Greymane realm.Back in the day WoD Tournament realm had transmog vendor for honor points and we could buy transmog and enjoy it.Please add transmog vendor to Greymane and purchasable with Marks of Honor.Thanks in advance. EVERYONE WOULD LOVE IT ON GREYMANE!
  4. Theres no way for frost mage to do THAT MUCH ICE LANCE DMG.I personaly tried and i cant go above 300k ice lance with using all of my cooldowns with all possible procs 300k is max i did with ice lance so stop complaining and l2p dh.
  5. Hi there would like to let u fire (trash)storm that lots of ppl are leaving this trash server bcs of lack of fixes in wod (ALL CLASSES BROKEN AND ABUSE THEIR SPELLS) i que 2s as RM and gues what happens when we enter in arena vs surv hunt/anything?Perfect setup etc. etc. hunt at 20k hp just puts 1 explosive shot on my pet it dies hunt healed to 60% hp GRATZ FIRESTORM NICE "FIXES" U GOT OVER THERE.Not to mention how u just get 1 shoted (300k min. dmg) from dfa by sub rog?Brain Freeze proc?UR SERVER ISNT WORTH ANY TIME FROM ANY OTHER PLAYER.Every1 is just about to realise what kind of trash this server is (was litteraly same with 1more good known server)ALOT OF PPL PLAYED IT until they saw how trash it actualy is.ITs same scenario as trashstorm,u give a fuk only about legion and just keep going on and on an on with ONLY LEGION nothing for wod.Goodbye fire(trash)storm. Fameq/Naoshy
  6. Hi everyone,If you are lazy to level and gear up,or perhaps got no time for it?I'm currently selling 2 fully geared Frost Mages both with full recipes of enchanting+engineering for goggles transmog and both with "Duelist" title with some really nice transmogs,Also Ret paladin duelist title aswell with gladiator tabard full 740 (warmongering s3) gear with enchanting almost full recipes for enchanting.Warlock 736 ilvl in pvp (close to full s3 740)Duelist title some very nice transmog sets+frostfire regelia (mage T3 set) and tabard,and last but not least there is my rog Rival title full 740 gear+full recipes on enchanting with some nice transmog sets. Name of chars in shop: 1.Likeccmore (mage) 2.Marmz (mage) 3.Retbulol (ret pala=ikr) 4. Dogroth (warlock) 5.Stepkickx (rog)
  7. Its coz they dont give a single fuk about wod only care bout trash legion
  8. Indeed hahah ;:D
  9. Nice firestorm VERYYY NICE INDEED.So last night u bug rogs doing dfa doesnt consume combo points right?Then they do 100k dfa np into insta 5 combo eviscerate wich also hits 100k non crit coz it still benefits from dfa (hits with such power and deals additional 50% dmg on eviscerate).Ok no problems "we can" live with that.But what the fuck have u done to fire mages ha guys?Giving too much fuk about legiona nd dont give a damn about wod anymore?Veryyy proud of u ladies who work on firestorm honestly.Fire mage meteor crits 35k (ik soooo strong its 1 shot insta opener)ignite doenst exist anymore/combustion doesnt work anymore/meteor doesnt work.Im having such a greaaaaatttt time on my fire mage u have no idea where all my dmg is 2x blast wave and pyro (wich u wont get if u que into some cancer comp to just fking 1 shot u). PROUD OF U FIRESTORM
  10. There have been some srs problems about pvp on wod (pretty much critical bugs) like every single warrior is abusing their fear (intimidating shout) with charge to just bug u out so u cant move and more and more crap.U cant focus soo much on legion and just forget about wod honestly its rly not fair.
  11. Why tf u lying?Why u always lying.OMG.U know this is bull.... trying to get some free golds but u can forget bout it.
  12. i frapsed 2 mages from gul'dan (b4 merge happened) hes using old script for mage (originaly from other mop server) where blink has no cooldowns so u can just spa blink and be like "ey bro look at this im bugged i can blink infinite times its so funny"
  13. Any info when we will get our chars trasnfered to gul'dan pls?There is legit no any info whats going on keep us updated pls
  14. Jaja.Any info whats going on with tournament realm today?