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  1. uhm no
  2. WoD Boris still bugged, "can't benefit from that promotion season 2" like wtf
  3. ye could rly need that, kinda sad that we cant integrate firestorm into discord atm.
  4. Not still, but again ^^ Joined legion and guild like 6 weeks ago, just has to work alot and is now regular showup. Act more grown up sometimes, which is sad, but still falls back into old patterns which is appreciated and amusing. Irl, relationships and jobs surely change people, take care it does not ruin you . Im still as retarded as always, maybe a trait of age.
  5. when you beat a dead horse long enough, maybe it gonna stand up again`?
  6. same problem as of 10 minutes
  7. if a thread develops from confusement over moderate fun into a useless shitshow.... better close it and dump it into the gutter
  8. damn exactly. I was hoping for a epic story of glory, heck at least something worthy to read. all I get is some cringeworthy nonsensical stuff THE QUEEN IS NOT AMUSED!
  9. well tbh, you wont get any help. not this weeks chest but the weeks chest before, I did mm+ on 6 chars, but only 3 chars got even a chest, the three chars that did not even get anything in chest were: Hunter,Last Weeks best: Mos+11 Mage, Last Weeks best: NL+10 Warrior, Last Weeks best: Dht+5 all those chars did multiple mm+ that week and their best mm+ was with 2-3 chests finished in time... I did a Ticket which is unanswered for over a week now, this week I only did mm+8 on 4 chars, cause I already had the feeling about what would happen, so ofc I was right, only one of the chars got anything in his classhall chest. They dont help on this, they dont answer tickets about this and most important they wont help you get that lost gear back.
  10. ye, I assumed talking about totally made up exaggerated stuff like AK99 and over 9000 traits, would be enough of a hint, but thanks for teaching me that such stuff is not obvious enough. well in a sense that made up stuff could be declared bullshit of course, hence making tha sarcasm of my point there evident. But yeah you preferred to get triggered. Fine by me.
  11. ye well the thing is, that the torrent version has alot of problems like this. Also later with some errors. Im not pro at the torrent version and dont know so much how to fix it. I just read alot in this forum while passing by, people had many problems with it since it is outdated. Just seeing for the first time that the launcher is not there anymore on startup. wtf. I hope they actually did update the torrents then because it was rly bad before. By my little knowledge on this topic, I only come up with 3 thing: 1. The troorents base file is messed up and it does not connect to firestorm, rather retail- Go into wtf folder, there should be a file Open with editor, first line it should say: SET portal "" does it? 2 .I n the log in screen. Click, "System," and then go to the, "Network," tab. From there I clicked the checkbox, "Enable IP 6." 3. Tell your firewall and antivirus to treat WoW as a exeption, or rather for the sake of the test, disable both for a short time test.
  12. well, people are slow. Still got any problems? I will check by this thread sometimes and assist if you still need any help. See maybe people answered faster if you gave more information. Hows your game install? Is it by launcher or by torrent? What errornumber do you get? etc etc... more info = faster help
  13. Oh sorry, I did not write in big letters SARCASM and therefor triggered you, damn I always assume people got that grain of smartness that when all I do is accumulate a bunch of hillarious and flase claims, that they get the joke in it. Ofc my humor isn't that good to make people laugh, but all I intended for was to get the obvious joke in it. Well guess I asked too much off there. Moreover on a more serious note, I think progression is important. Also the flipside of it. And well I underwent that progression by grinding my main to 25AK while getting my 7 alts AK 10ish in the meantime, and ofc when my main hit 25AK I passed compendiums to raise my others 10AK to 20AK before grinding those out to 25AK again... that is progression. And only because I like progression and development, I totally dont get why I should go from 1 to 25 on all alts, if the system implemented in our current server gives us the possibility to pass compendiums. Well I u can't understand my arcasm, ther is no point in me understanding yours. on topic: Honestly I get where you all coming from, and yeye maybe it would be more friendly for new players, but then again I think its not much of a deal. It is no major throwback tbh. There is so much to do before reaching, or better said while reaching AK25 on the way. Gearprogression, worldexploring, questlines etc etc. Cause in the bigger picture as soon as you hit 40 traits it does all not make such a bigg difference anymore, and most stop caring for over all AP grind compared to high end and BiS gear. The only good thing about your idea is, that its rly no big deal of a devs work. Just one pretag change. Imo its really not important, but yet easy to do. If it helps, go for it.
  14. very unfair this iz, gimme insta AK 99, and all mounts, over 9000 traits, all legendaries and all achievements. A ton of slutmogs and maxlvl BiS gear. INSTA! Now! Cause that totally would not ruin the fun.
  15. man new expansion has not even an announcement date, let alone a release date. Maybe maybe maybe Blizzard gonna tell something on gamescon 2018, but who knows if the announce a date or say that it will be announced 2019... So put something ontop of that for Firestorm as a Privateserver... Who knows if the next expansion will come here 2020 or 2022... Who of you will still even play WoW, maybe your already diving into Aincrad by that time. jk. But seriously, this is so vague no one of us can even comprehend or imagine. Also take into account how WoD was a flop on retail, and Firestorm pretty much reflects that. Garbage expansion. Very evident that MoP still got so far more then WoD. And Legion, well Legion is just another MoP. Neat and the pros overweigh the cons. So if next expansion is a WoD fiasco or something comparable to MoP or Legion, is the question. If its bad ofc you wont care, and well when its good hell yea cou gonna copy your chars and run there like a forest leroy gump that you are. Balance is for the weak, progression is for the insane. get rekt, im gonna doubt when i get my first quantum computer for a cheaper price then Playstation 12, I surely wont play wow anymore but go virtual dive