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  1. bugged transmog system

    Devs are aware of the bug,but transmog isnt high on the priority list right now.
  2. If you have more info about whats causing it,please report it.
  3. Right now the Dk class hall teleport isnt working,so you should use the Artifact Lord to port to the upper level of the class hall.
  4. Yes,you can do arenas/bgs.Average playercount right now is 4k.About the transfer,the rules are the rules: You have to be a max lvl character to transfer.
  5. Dks aren't even available on the closed beta yet...
  6. Nice, but IMO Legion should be your No. 1 priority.
  7. We used to farm apexis by killing mobs in Gorgrond,near the BRF entrance.It was slow, but it worked.Dunno if it still works tho.
  8. K.
  9. Source?
  10. And ofc it happened just as I got to play...