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  1. BFA "Since the announcement of Battle for Azeroth, we’ve spoken a lot internally about this expansion. We have decided to implement this new expansion to the project. As you read before our team has worked on Legion to release all this content this expansion. We don’t want to reproduce the same issues that we encountered during the transition between Warlords of Draenor and Legion" This! This is a problem, you guys haven't finished a single expansion and implemented it fully. And now you want to start working on another project. For the love of god, stop beeing so money hungry. Fix the current expansion and the previous ones, people enjoy them, if they want to play BFA i can guarantee you they will go to the official server. Even doe this is a private server you guys are pulling quite some money and i can guarantee you, you will lose allot of people if you half ass BFA and abandon all the other expansions (and i know you will), people will switch servers. Its customer understanding 101. Its better to whole ass one thing, than half ass 5 things. Like you are doing now Start listening to the community here, they have repeated some of what i said several times
  2. Bump seriously guys, fix something
  3. Actually, i made a affli warlock with boris but yeah, boomys need some well deserved love
  4. It has been too long since balance druid has been good, the mastery is compleetly bugged and does not give any bonus dmg torwards starfall, starsurge, solar and lunar empowerment. I have a 900ilvl balance druid i know my rotation and i am still outclassed by allot of other classes that have lover ilvls. Please fix this so mythic keys can be run properly
  5. I would like to know what quest gave you that too
  6. I dont get how to actualise the addons, some lag comes from the addons for sure