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  1. You guys have honestly outdone yourself. Not only does your launcher install a legion copy that wont even run (I tested it on 2 different computers) but youve also managed to make a launcher that completely breaks the game when you download it from retail and update it with your launcher. Dont tell me to get the torrent, no one seeds it, I dont feel like waiting hours for nothing since even when I get the torrent, it will open yes, BUT NO REALMS AVAILABLE. And guess what! When I update it with your launcher, IT BREAKS AND WONT OPEN ANYMORE. Honestly, round of applause.
  2. Making a topic in public wont help you. Itll only get you in trouble since discussing a decision made by staff in public is also against the rules.
  3. ily misahky - no homo <3 Tristam
  4. Is it me you're looking for? It's me, I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet.