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  1. I get CAS error E_NOT_AVAILABLE all the time ... can someone help me with that ? I did the following things and none of them helped : 1) I removed my firewall just to be sure that my antivirus is not blocking the game 2) I made the whole wow folder with Read-Only 3)In some forums i saw that i even might need to switch accounts and i did that as well but it didnt help Please help me out i really wanna play that game. I'm playing on a lap top if that matters anyhow.
  2. whyyy Its not really fair right now cause many ppl used it and some of us ( me and my friends) couldn't use ...
  3. Another "failed" server
  4. I see why people dont really like that server now
  5. Probably cause i see many people saying me its in the starting zone
  6. So where is it ?
  7. Can we get lvl 110 instantly in the PTR ?
  8. Boris for instant lvl 110 doesnt work ?
  9. i can already tell you haven't played there. Staff is rude as hell and are so stupid. They are not able to receive a critique so they immediately mute/ban people + prices are x6 FS prices meaning what costs 5$ here costs 30$ at least there. The server crashes every single hour and u are much likely to get a random DC cause of unknown reasons. Also , when they apply something ( being NH fix , Draenor raids , old instanes etc.) the server crashes like crazy and lags as if you are playing at minimal internet speed and have a computer with 256 MB RAM for about a week+. They can't keep a strict schedule and always make excuses and often simulate as if they are under any DDoS attacks. Another thing - the DPS is so unbalanced. You see people playing only Fury warriors , Frost mages and Assassination rogues. If you call this "another level" and "friendlier staff" i would suggest you go check yourself
  10. Same for me m8 , dunno whats the problem