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  1. Warlock class is going down the drain
  2. Destruction feels like they are shard starving, it's really hard to get shard even with x3 "Burning Hunger" relics (Increased immolate crit chance by 48%) even with the correct stats. (Int > Haste > Crit > Versa > Mastery). Before the waist lego """hotfix""" destro warlock was competitive compared to other top dps classes, now it's really hard to even make it to the top in meters. I'm not talking about that we're doing less than 500k dps but compared to other classes our damage is lackluster. Please consider on checking this or give some information about the incoming patch regardless the new shard system.
  3. Please update this post
  4. Also any info about the green fire for us destro players ? I would love to get it i don't care if i have to pay golden/silver points, since quest line + item is bugged in legion and transferring from another server is not an option for me.
  5. Yes i have it, but since yesterday my shard generation went down.
  6. Any info about destruction warlocks? Shard generations seems fucked up
  7. Can't be upgraded PAST rank 2
  8. bump?
  9. bumpity bump
  10. I'm not giving up on this topic unless i get an official response or an "Accepted", "Declined" or "Pending" tag.
  11. shameless bump
  12. no official responses?
  13. As i already said give your opinion in my suggestion for the changelog updates Suggestion link
  14. Give some opinions about this in my suggestion for the staff Changelog Suggestion