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  1. not working
  2. Tell that to fire mages, the burst is ok. But the sustained dps is a f'ing joke
  3. you still have world quests (items upgrade up to 890), the broken shore chests (you get like 5k shards per run), hc dungeons (item upgrade up to 865 i believe). Also doing any emmisary quest or dungeon run you have a chance for a legendary so you can get to 880 easily. The sentinax was a mistake, lots of bad players with low skill. You want to gear up the easy way, just do it like we did it before sentinax.
  4. BfA is announced in firestorm and Court of the Stars a dungeon from the 7.1.5 patch is STILL NOT IMPLEMENTED
  5. More horde population = More horde players waiting for 10 alliance players to queue. 10 Alliance players queue = insta bg pop for horde
  6. Agree, this server is going down the sink more and more every update they release.
  7. Also the server is lacking "Update #xx" posts since the new patch...
  8. Fix freakin Elisande bug, it's imposible to finish a nighthold run....
  9. june 4, 20:34 server time. The server has been unplayable for like 15 minutes with constant lag and staff doesn't say a thing. Sure it's just lag and no "fixes"
  10. shameless bump
  11. Title: Warlock green fire [Legion] Type: In-game Description:  As almost every warlock knows green fire questline in sylvanas is completly broken and unscripted, also in the last Q&A hosted by the staff they told us that fixing it isn't on the plans. So, my suggestion is that you make it available through a custom npc in the "Altar of Damnation" where the other npcs for the green fire are for the ones that got transfered from a server with the questline working, and make the cosmetic change available i don't know for a high amount of gold/order resources/etc. It's not that hard and it just involves creating an npc that gives you the flag on your toon.
  12. Hello @sinastro i agree with you warlock talent "backdraft" works this way you describe, i invite you to make report at the bugtracker so i can get fixed =)
  13. I think we had enough about this "random crashes" aka "lets crash the server to implement this fix" thing. Players are getting just mad and leaving because you don't want to let them know if you're fixing stuff
  14. In every mayor city there is a Valkyr custom npc that lets you adjust your exp rates. (I think the npc is present in the spawn zones too)