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  1. Well fml time to reroll fury...
  2. How can i not have a clue when what i said is literally what happened to the majority of the people, one thing is if the boss wasnt grey but i didnt get loot, im fine with that its about luck, but another thing is when you waste your time killing him for absolutely no point because he isnt gonna give you loot regardless of your luck.. He will just turn grey. This happened to majority of people in my guild and alot of my friends list and i saw people in world chat spamming it. So i ask again HOW can you think this is not a big deal like seriously what was the point of releasing him when you dont do the proper tests (you tested on 2 different characters and you think its enough) because for the people that didnt get shit it would be the same if you released WB's 2 weeks later with more testing than rushing them and we ending up not getting anything and wasting our time. And this applys to all the content you put out.. Every single mythic dungeon is half assed just to rush them... We have boss loot problems since the start of the expansion and same freaking bugs which just seem to get ignored
  3. This boss was the biggest joke of all fucking time seriously... I killed him on 3 chars and he was grey after all 3 kills completing my world quest.. We did a guild raid group with 15 people and all of us got the world quest complete and the boss turned grey so yeh... Retarded script is the least i can say
  4. Well if your not willing to sacrifice going arms for a big big change in dps upwards of 200k+ than fury then your never going to do good dps at it. Specially since fury mastery doesnt work so yeh... If you want to go RDPS the best single target class is currently mage
  5. Thanks for the enlightenment
  6. I have no idea, but i have seen 2 druids so far with that exact legendary
  7. So you can confirm legendary items are released? But the drop chance isn't correct? If they aren't how can this happen?
  8. Bane is heavily bugged.... That's why, it shouldnt move that fast, nor follow the tank, and also should be applied on players not the boss. Just look at this
  9. mop

    Yeh pretty much, u need to run to the opposite side of the belt and jump.. Its really weird
  10. mop

    Oh, mybad then, i thought they were supposed to 1 shot
  11. mop

    Related to the debuffs that is not true. Our tank had 4 stacks at some point.
  12. mop

    The script is indeed good, but there's a issue related to the people that go on the belts and kill the weapons. First off, in 25N the hp of the weapons is way too low, its around 3 million, the same as 10n, so u can easily kill them with 1 people. Also, and i believe this happens in 25n/10n, when u are on the belt u shouldn't take damage from anything but the flaming beams. The thing is as soon as you take the pipe u take flat 200k damage, almost like if it was fall damage, also the missile turret aoe hits you even if u are on the belt, possibly killing you. And the flaming beams that should one shot you only deal 450k damage.
  13. mop

    Hello miwo, the boss is working well we just killed him today in 25 man. But theres an issue. Blood frenzy doesnt reset after each fixate phase, so in the end he has like 30+ stacks and moves so fast its almost impossible to run.
  14. I dont think you know what suggestion means...