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  1. When i Q for a Random Legion Heroic, it says : Internal LFG Error. Ive never seen this before so im kind of curious of what this is and how i can fix this Help me out?
  2. fail fail fail

    Your character screen just needs to load/download i had the problem too, just let it load for a while
  3. Hey guys, I got a problem with connecting to Legion.. It keeps saying connecting then the popup goes away and nothing happends... what can i do about it? already restarted game+launcher+my own internet+even my pc... still nothing
  4. shouldn't take 3/4 hours. Thats just bullshit. there are only 10k players. they aint all transfering multiple char's..
  5. Same... still nothing
  6. Same shit. still don't have my char
  7. When the hell is alysrazor gonna get fixed
  8. Hey guys/gals, Quick question, whats the fastest way to lvl from 90 to 100? -- God Bless' <3
  9. and do you mabye know why my warlords of dreanor keeps freezing? @Tigd
  10. pvp, so probably just the normal honor gear eh...
  11. Would i be able to solo it? cuz its harder to find a group these days.... @tigd and what gear should i buy with the honor points? the normal grivious gear or some pve gear?
  12. Hi, What is the best way to farm Gate of the setting sun ( for justice points ), What gear is the best for this? ( im playing a Night elf, feral druid. ) And where to get that gear? When is it able to solo this first boss? ---- or is there a better way to farm justice points then killing the first boss in gate of the setting sun?
  13. hmm okay, thanks. might start one myself then.
  14. Hi, i am looking for an english guild on the 'french' server Rasshrom. i prefer all 90 + lvling guild mainly directed to pvp. if you have something for me, you can add me on the server as: Appelsap thanks