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  1. I just log in and my Fangs of Ashamane 54 trait has gone i notice atm only that any chance to get it back i got this OP version 750 ilvl on mailbox so happy whit FS best server.
  2. Maybe it sounds silly, but maybe it would be better to merge GR and SI in one realm much ppl whud hate to see in BGs Graymane players when for example player from Silvanas know he got his gear hard he needs to lvl then do hc mm+ etc to get 840 is easy.But still ik there is no much diference what ilvl you are in bg but i have playd a lot on private servers and they are all dead now.Especially when they do cross realm stuff i simply do not want to see player who got most of his stuff for free and i need to do mm 10+ open 3 chest loot gold from 2 99% and maybe item maybe AP.So grind is real.This was done with intent but that is something else.If you do mm 14+ on FS most ppl can't do that in time on FS.When for example on almost any other Populated legion private server you enter mm+5 you do that whit 840 3 chest no problem 850 do mm 9+ 3 chest no problem when on this FS you need to be 875 for that cause ppl inv only for any mm almost 870 ilvl + for anything higher than that 880+.Like i said on any other populated legion 850 and you can go mm 10+ and you will not struggle like here.I don't hate but just sain.Merge them together or don't do cross realm or give us Higher drp chance in mm+.I understand this low drop is cause you don't have good scripted content wq are trash bigger is chance to get legendery then anything higher then 870 some ppl got on wq 890 like i did once.But i play here since 1 day and thats only high item i got on war who i dont play.Same for the Emissary Boxes never see item higher than 840 and i have 10 characters all pll i know never see as well.There is so much problems here which should have been repaired very long ago.But noone is doing nothing abut that if you need and think to have decent population this is something what you need to have this is big expansion and there is lot of stuff to do for players.But if i will every time get 830 from emissary wq 840 99% mm+ so low drop chance for anything.Last thing I main druid and he is 54 feral 54 balance guardian 36 resto maybe 35 idk.I did raid soo many times that is simply annoying cose i main only 1 class on other do only wq.Like over 80d /played time on that druid not all time is from Legion it was transfered from WOD 1 or 2nd day when you open Silanas.There was time when i have lot of free time if i don't work so i do mm+ whit frends now i have 3 legendery 1st i got 2nd day when you implement them in the game 2nd month after that and 3rd same maybe month max.And i did so many mm+ and so many times raid.Like i said 1st day you open server i transfer now remember when Silvanas was open and Legenderies are implemented and since than i did not get 1.Like my brother who have over 10 on war 5 on dh 2/3 on pala 1 on mage.Like implemented back luck sistem work?Or is this intentionally for some players who like to talk about problems on server.I have try to use bug tracker on start and report all bugs on my feral noone fix them then and now they are complete trash.So i rerol from hardest class to easiest Ret pala and i love it.So much bugs i kill anything no matter how much hp have on open world tank 5m dead in 3 sec.TY FS.If there will be coss realm not only me there will be lot of ppl who will instantly /delete and change.
  3. Try now i just log in i wait few minutes on ''conection'' and then i log in
  4. Same...
  5. Ok pro...i have no comment on this i simply can't belive...GG
  6. If you can't play and die to fast as DH I suggest you delete your game and never play again,I do not want to be rude but you need psychiatric help asap.
  7. Ppl are complain about felbarage and fer eruption take Nemesis and Chaos Blades,I'm not going to make here guide how to do what just get full fury you need 5 sec for that then use that 2 talents you will kill any healer or dps in 3 sec.Once you get full fury spam chaos strike literally 3 sec anyone is dead in arena.I am not high rate on my DH only 1750 got today cose i don't play Dh only and only when i don't have nothing to do.But i heal friend demon hunter and we are on 2600 rate whit no problem.I see comments ez to kite ez to kill,you cant you simply cant kill DH.Lets say skilled even there is no much skill you just need to know when and what you can and must to do.does not matter how skilled you are you will lose 100% against anyone who know only basics of DH.We use raid call 90% of time we rofl on 2600 rate play over 80 games and 0 lose we don't talk like you need to cc or have hard work.CC healer for 5 sec when you have burst other one is dead 100% if he don't have Buble like pala or iceblook like mage.But that cds they use after 1st 10 sec of arena.Am not here to talk about my reiting i can get 3k np but que time is like 20min and is not fun anymore to play on start was trolling and fun cose its free win.I am here to tell you all how bugged class is.On my dh i dont even have 20 honor talents and i kill UH DK full 10 times better player then me on dh he use full cds and just drop dead whit healer,am not exp dh there is nothing to talk am skilled demon hunter anyone who think he is skilled DH he is troling or he is stupid.
  8. client-side mod

    Nice Orcs and Draenai look awsome,if you find something similar pls post it.ty
  9. Here is one more new SS just make it now so if they find on report someting to say ''invalid'' Just in case
  10. I make report on ban appel for this paladin i hope you will investigate Somthing tells me that he is rly inexperienced. I will put the link so you can easy find it and see whit your eyes how real report must look and what info this GM need to know to ban someone for stuf like this.Ty
  11. I think cose i remember skilled ppl in pvp like you.all the names,Someone was ganked in arena buy you then, he spied you and try to set you up.It is obvious that item have error when inspect.Look that orc on SS Above he dont have helm,you know why cose he proubably transmog head to ''hide''So you dont see any info its just visual bug.child of ten years would figured something like that.Stormwind is full of ppl whit inspect errors cose when you hide some item like head.shoulders or back.they mostly got bugged to someone who inspect you only in your case you have transmog 810 but that can happend whit any item in game.So yes this ban need to be removed immediately.I think you just got unlucky to get some inexperienced GM and thats all,I mean who much pathetic you have to be to ban someone only cose he is better then you.
  12. Like this blood elf 200 comments talk whit kids all day ofc it is incompetent 1st of all what will do is BAN or INSULT and ignore all the facts even if they are all in comment just above.
  13. I have that same helm on my warrior and there is 1 on auction house.Ban auction house next?
  14. Your ignorance will faill again simply cose,you 1st need to think how to insult someone before anything are smartest you know everything i know that kind well.I did not complain cose i kill boss lot of times and farm until i got loot.I got loot from first try and 1st kill undrstand now?Next time calm down think before insult.And i lose that same lot what i got i did not farm boss before that understand that or is to hard to read the comment decline facts and say someting ''smart''.That happend on my druid then i log DH kill boss got no loot kill boss on pala etc on few more character same no loot i loot boss only and only ONCE.So compare '' 5000$ from a Illegal site ''and try to be smart fail again cose you need to think before that.
  15. What if i kill boss even 5000x and still got nothing and did not have no clue is bugged sure need to be punished?like 1000 more players who did same thing and some of them still have items i was just make post cose i did not get my old items back,since that is ofc imposible and did not expect to get world boss items back i anywhey got on mithic 850 so no problem for me.I see you need to talk and act like smart dont you,sorry rly sorry.Go to calamir same ppl kill that boss when ever you go there.