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  1. Information: This update pack has already been applied. The main purpose of this update pack is focused mainly on fixing class spells, quality of life improvements, and crash issues. General Raid markers will now properly show up to new players to map. Raid targets icons will now properly show up to new map players. Fix looting money from corpses. 38 crash fixes. Corrected an issue with guild bank items for certain guilds resulting in corrupted items being unable to be sold. Solve issue with teleport spells (e.g attempting to always teleport to ground while falling from big heights. Solve issue with slow-fall effects triggering anti-cheat resulting in improper position. Update position synchronization for knockback effects. When the Master Looter of a group leaves, the rights will be given to the leader. Implemented shared tag looting. Group disband should no longer be triggered when kicking an offline member while all other members are offline. Fixed moving offline group members. Zones should no longer be tame-able. Elites in Timeless Isle will now benefit from shared tag looting system. Raids, Dungeons and Instances Solve issue with raids where entering an instance with max 10 players would result in an error if there’s a recently kicked player offline in the map. Solve issue where players were unable to retrieve their corpses from dungeons. Battlegrounds & Arenas Porting inside a battleground while in combat will no longer be able. Initiating a wargame with mixed group factions should no longer be able. Absorbed damage should now be properly shown in the PvP Log UI. Correct collision for statues in Tiger’s Peak Arena. Corrected an issue where in certain cases there would be a chance a team would receive 2147483647 rating. General Spells Channeled spells like when allowed to move will no longer cancel channel if target is out of LoS, instead will just cancel current missile. Spells with a valid cast time will no longer consume any buffs after having their cast time fully reduced (e.g combined with for Channeled spells like should no longer keep channel visual up for client after being interrupted server-side. Power energizers like should now properly give power to caster instead of target. Invalid spells for players that come from older expansions will no longer be kept on their characters. Reflected spells should now take DR into consideration and should properly apply DR as well. Reflected spells should now properly also reflect crit outcome. Fixed, and will have have a 1.5s cast time. Solve issues where some pet actions (abilities) would be unable to be casted by pet. (e.g Spell effects inducing combat loss should no longer remove auras that should be removed on combat leave (e.g should no longer include raid buffs when determining and modifying stats, also fix proc chance for agility specs. Fix spell immune condition for spells which should be immune on any effect immuned. Fix exploit with more than 1 clone aura being applied. Transform aura effects will no longer be considered as crowd control effects. Death Knight should now properly share stun DR. Solve issue with being used by multiple death knights on a single target. Solve issue with being used by multiple death knights on a single target. Re-wrote script: Should now follow its target until defeated. Will now properly duplicate the following spells: Threat caused will be duplicated to the master. should now work properly. Druid Flying Form should no longer work in Pandaria after using a portal and is not learned. should no longer affect other druids’ Correction to Guardians’ rage system: Decrease rage gain from damage modifier to 125% down from 150%. Updated proc conditions of and correct rage gain. Correct proc conditions of should no longer become immune to players’ attacks after becoming invisible. should no longer affect targets out of LoS. should now properly energize with mana equal to 50% of spirit at time of cast, fix tooltip. induced buffs should no longer stay after main buff is gone. Hunter Hunters pets now inherit 70% from their owners’ ranged attack power, down from 100%. Hunters pets will now always properly benefit from their masters’ haste. Hunter pets should no longer be able to preserve raid buffs when dismissed. Updated max health calculation of pets. Updated focus regeneration, should now be perfectly in synchronisation with server. will no longer be preserved by pet when dismissed. will now share root DR with other roots. should no longer be affected by should no longer be affected by hit chance. should no longer proc from pets’ should now properly trigger aura procs. should no longer ignore LoS. Mage changes: Issue with copies not properly always initiating attack when summoned should be fixed. Copies summoned out of range should now always properly run towards their targets and begin casting. Copies should no longer move if their target is within their range. Copies should now always cast their abilities if their target is within range. changes: Should now properly function with, activation time should now properly be affected by haste. Maximum amount of stunned targets per should now be limited to 10. should now be properly consumed by should no longer be affected by healing mods. Updated damage of Issue with not properly preserving auras with both charges and stacks should be solved. (e.g should now properly remove two DoTs. should no longer heal enemy elementals. Fix overlap issue with multiple Corrected affection radius. Re-written Correct heal amount on refresh. Should now be usable while stunned. should no longer be affected by any bonuses, except PvP Power. should no longer spam re-apply combat logs on repeated procs and should no longer be able to crit with periodic heals. should now be wholly immuned even if one of its effects is immuned. Monk should no longer redirect damage after target and/or his aura are gone. Corrected a problem with switching back and forth between stances. Paladin Corrected healing of Corrected’s healing with additional charges of Holy Power consumed. Corrected’s healing with additional charges of Holy Power consumed. should no longer ignore LoS. Refactor script, should solve issue with it stunning players outside of allowed types. Priest should no longer consume should no longer proc should now proc from and Corrected health points for should now have correct damage and should heal caster. should no longer be consumed by while is active. The issue with becoming useless after a restart should be fixed. heal/damage should no longer be altered in any way and should always result in correct health given/taken. should now properly benefit from script refactored. and should now have correct heal amount. combined with should now continue channeling even after target has gone out of LoS, but will not execute any missiles until in LoS.’s cap should no longer be affected by should now flash upon reaching max Shadow Orbs. will now be replaced by when target has Rogue should now properly stay after attacking a target using abilities under the effects of should no longer be removed upon leaving combat, but only when entering. should no longer induce combat. Shaman changes: Corrected auto-attack damage. Corrected spell power inheritance coefficient. Updated overall damage for abilities. Should now be able to cast and should now share knockback stun DR. should no longer be usable without anything to cleanse. should now properly replace wolves with raptors. should no longer be affected by LoS. Warlock Rewritten script. Creatures & Fixed spawn & loot. is now immune to crowd control and interrupt effects. gets now 4 out of the 5 buffs the NPC can have randomly. gets now 3 out of the 5 buffs the NPC can have randomly. Fixed spawn of & Quests Corrected an exploit with, Add generic support for areatrigger overlapping. Solve issue with dynamic quest rewards not being properly indexed, resulting in players’ receiving wrong items on quest completion. Fix saving progress for quest which require currency earned.
  2. Maybe take your caps lock off cruise control and follow the world chat rules.
  3. The current season on our Gul'dan realm will end on Friday, June 22nd, 2018. The new season will begin on the same day and last approximately 4 to 5 months. Conquest points will be reset when setting up the new season. The award distribution will happen during the week of June 25th, 2018 and only available for 2v2. The rewards will be distributed to 2v2. Here are the level of rewards: Top 1 to 7: Warmongering Gladiator, and the mount Top 8 to 15: Gladiator, and the mount Top 16 to 30: Duelist, Top 31 to 75: Rival and Top 76 to 100: Challenger and We will also be banning and removing players who have been win-trading during this season. Please remember that you must have at least 50 matches during this season in order to be eligible for rewards. Good luck and congratulations to all participants.
  4. Not a suggestion, but thanks for your feedback.
  5. If you want to know you should check out our social media/Discord.
  6. Wont be happening.
  7. If you want to know you should check out our social media/Discord.
  8. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.
  9. These are promotions, he comes when he comes.
  10. Authenticator Change We have recently changed the authenticator from Google Authenticator to Authy. The new authentication module is available on the Firestorm Website via the Account Control Panel. Authy is a much better authenticator and has more options than Google Authenticator. We recommend you to use this one or make the change if you're still using Google Authenticator. Authy allows you to recover your information by SMS/Phone Number, backup of your authenticators, and use it across multiple devices. To make the changes do the following; Go to your Authenticator Overview Page. Simply scan the QR Code or Download the application. Remember to download your recovery codes incase you lose your phone, etc. If you wish to do it for all of your websites or applications, read the guide here. Outlook, Live, and Hotmail Email Addresses For a long time, we have received many requests regarding players not receiving emails from Firestorm on Outlook, Live, and Hotmail e-mail addresses. We recommend to players that they quickly change your e-mail address to avoid any problems. One of the best known e-mail hosts is Gmail (Google) which never has had a problem with our email. To make this change do the following; Go to your Account Overview Page. You will then see an option under your account information, hit the change button. Update your e-mail address to the new one you've made. If you're having problems with changing your e-mail address, just send me a private message. Thanks, Firestorm Team
  11. This privacy policies are intended to tell you what information we collect and for what reason. European Union General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (Law: May 25th, 2018). Firestorm does not buy, sell, or disclose any personal information of its players. Firestorm does not record any information except e-mail addresses, and IP addresses. Firestorm only uses the e-mail addresses and IP addresses of its players in the following cases; E-mail Addresses (Used to identify the player account and to use it in our services): Changing your password to your game account. Changing your e-mail address to your game account. To be able to send newsletters and promotions from Firestorm. These newsletters and promotions can be deactivated at any time by adjusting it in the Privacy Options, or in the look provided at the lower part of the post. As part of the sponsored publications on the Firestorm Facebook page, they can also be also deactivated at any time by adjusting it in the Privacy Options. IP Addresses (Used to identify the players connection to our services and verify it): Allows the player to see their connection history that has connected to their game account. The function is used to detect unusual or suspicious activities by the player or team. While processing a connection to Firestorm Services, the IP Address is scanned by different firewalls. Allows Firestorm to filter and block connections. An IP Address is blocked when it belongs to a person deemed to be malicious by the Firestorm Administration. As part of the account recovery process, the IP Address of the account can be requested to the player to verify the authenticity of the request. As part of the "Recruit-A-Friend" program, Firestorm may send emails to addresses outside its database. These addresses are never kept more than 24 hours, at the time of the request by the player until sending the mail to the address indicated by the player who is referring. Some of our providers have partial or total access to this information for their services: PaymentWall (PaymentWall GDPR): Records the e-mail address and IP Address when a purchase is made through their platform. SendinBlue (SendinBlue GDPR): Registers the e-mail address when sending an email, either by newsletter or information through the account management system. Registers the IP Address when opening an email from their platform. Facebook (Facebook GDPR): Registers the e-mail address during each sponsored publication, provided that the player has previously accepted them. Cloudflare (Cloudflare GDPR): Registers the IP Address when accessing Firestorm web page. The Firestorm Support Team is the sole owner of the above information and only qualified members of the Firestorm Team can see it. The Firestorm team consults only this information for in-game support or technical assistance. A player's information is destroyed after 3 years of inactivity. A player may choose at any time to disable their account in the Privacy Options, in which case the information will be destroyed after a period of 14 days. This deactivation is cancelled if the account is being used during this time.
  12. Not available yet. Will be available soon.
  13. Information • First Wing (Available) • Loot and Achievements will be available. • Modes: Normal and Heroic (Mythic Mode will be available within a few weeks). Aegwynn used this sacred temple of Elune to lock away the defeated Sargeras' avatar. She hoped it would remain dormant, buried deep within the earth, but the lure of power has continued to draw foul entities to this site. When Gul'dan reentered the tomb, he tore down Aegwynn's wards and opened a doorway for the Legion to invade. Now the fel army tears at the vault, hoping to reclaim their master's power. Champions, gather your strength! Take your guild members or friends and challenge the power of the Burning Legion again! You will be able to find the three bosses available within this first wing; You can take part in this raid on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 at 18:00 (CET). If you encounter a bug or any issue with the raid, let us know by leaving the information here. The following changes will be made with the addition of this raid: The maximum item level will increase to 940 (previously: 915). The level of loot in the raid will be at least 900 and can reach upto 940. Legendary Items will now be 970 when picked up. If you already have legendary items, there is a quest available "" in which you can upgrade your legendary item.
  14. Hello, We'll be releasing the raid on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 at 18:00 (CET) on Sylvanas. The raid will be available in all modes except for Mythic Mode and Mythic will arrive a few weeks later. If you're encountering an issue or bug with the raid, let us know by filling in a small form and reply to this thread. Thank you for your feedback and support, good luck in your fight in this raid.