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  1. Hello everyone, Argus is the original homeworld of the eredar. it is once an utopian world whose inhabitants were both vastly intelligent and highly gifted in magic. Thousands of years ago, the eredar lived here in tranquility. Argus has since been twisted by demonic, chaotic energies and has become the stronghold of the Burning Legion and is even referred to as Legion's homeworld. It is bisected by a great fel-radiating rift that ends at a cataclysm which has removed a portion of the planet. Argus is so saturated with fel magic that a demon's death there is permanent. However, the krokul present on Argus say that even though the demons are killed here, they return. Argus was once ruled by the Second Duumvirate, consisting of Velen and Kil'jaeden. During this time, the sorcerer Thal'kiel and his order of eredar mages, the Wakeners, began using summoning magics to conjure demons from the Twisting Nether. Archimonde, his trusted apprentice, decapitated his former master himself. Archimonde would later rise to rule Argus alongside Velen and Kil'jaeden, and the three eredar wisely ruled the planet for many years in harmony. Eventually, Argus attracted the attention of Sargeras. He offered the eredar a deal: in exchange for their loyalty, he would give them power undreamed of by all races. Kil'jaeden and Archimonde were quick to accept the offer, but Velen had a vision of the future: the eredar would be transformed into demons under the rule of Sargeras. Eventually, Velen was contacted by a race of divine energy beings called the naaru and guided his followers off the planet. They fled Argus, taking the name draenei, meaning "exiled ones", while Kil'jaeden, Archimonde became the feared, insidious sorcerers and tacticians of the Burning Legion. As the draenei fled, the world was devoured by the Burning Legion. Argus will be arriving on Firestorm in less than one month. Yeah, we said less than one month ! With the release of Argus you can expect the following features; Full Questline: Yeah, you can complete it all in one day. We promise! Seat of Triumvirate: Available in Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+. World Quests: We love exploring; you should too. Adventure out of your comfort zone and conqueror the world quests. Rare and Treasures Netherlight Crucible New Legendary System: We know you complained about this the most, infact it's the most feature everyone has asked for. You will be able to obtain Wakening Essence and use it to buy Purified Titan Essence which gives you a random legendary . Invasion Points: Greater Invasion Points included. Antorus: First wing within the two weeks after the initial release. Profession Recipes, Materials, and Quests. Reputation and Vendors. Relinquished Vendor (910 item level gear vendor). Are you prepared? Good luck champions. If you're struggling with this, then we highly recommend you view the guide.
  2. Even as Legion troops patrol the streets, casting a pall over the grand city of Suramar, the socialites of the Nightborne nobility continue to cling to custom and routine. On this clear night, the cry of revelers echoes through the chill air, as the largest mansion in the Noble District opens its doors for a grand gala. Rumor has it that Grand Magistrix Elisande herself may be making an appearance, in an effort to reassure several of her closest allies despite recent turmoil. Captain of the Duskwatch, Gerdo has devoted his life to keeping the peace within the walls of Suramar. Though he has a growing unease since the arrival of the Legion, he remains faithful and loyal to the leadership of Suramar. Elisande has safeguarded them for generations, and she knows what is best for the people of the city. Tonight, Gerdo's task is to ensure that only citizens with the proper credentials are able to enter a gathering of particular importance at the manor. A sadistic eredar sorcerer, even as she understands the importance of the nightborne to her master's plans, Talixae chafes at the indignity of standing guard over a building full of elves. Nevertheless, she and her lieutenants remain vigilant, and while they live, no intruders will disrupt the gathering. First Blade of the Grand Magistrix, Melandrus rarely leaves Elisande's side. He has eschewed the magical arts, instead harnessing the power of the Nightwell to heighten his reflexes and his movements to inhuman levels. You can take part in this on Monday, September 17th, 2018 at 18:00 (server time). If you encounter a bug or any issue with the world quest, let us know by leaving the information here. With this, the level cap of loot in Mythic+ dungeons will be adjusted, please refer to the chart below; Here is the bonus that you will receive on your Mythic+ Key by finishing the Court of Stars faster on a given time;
  3. Hello everyone, One of the most questions we receive from players and other players coming to Firestorm is if they're able to transfer their characters from other communities to here. We heard you, and we're glad to say we will be allowing server migrations from other servers. Below you can find the information about server migrations; Server Migration - Eligibility List: Any server between 7.0.x or 7.2.x. Server Migration Information: Enter your username and password on that service (Note: You can temporarily change your credentials on that service until the transfer is completed and then revert it back to your old stuff). The characters that you wish to transfer will not have anything affected to them, everything will remain intact. Fill in the form and evidence that is requested on the page (such as: server name, character name, race, class, etc). Two characters can only be transferred to Firestorm. Server Migration Conditions - Transferable: Gold will be capped at 20,000 per character. Legendary Items. Items that are bound to the character and in bags will be transferred. All reputations will be transferred. All professions will be transferred. Server Migration Conditions - Non-Transferable: Achievements. Titles. Honor Levels or Prestige. Mounts that are in the shop or not obtainable in-game. Artifact Level and Artifact Power. However, with us providing server migrations you must provide us the information above and fill a small form in. Once your form is filled in, it will be processed and your character will be transferred from that character to our realms and your account. Click the image above to be redirected to the Server Migrations Page (if it doesn't work click here).
  4. You will need a torrent client to expansion you want. We've provided some links to clients but, you can use one you prefer. µTorrent. BitTorrent. Deluge. You will need a program to decompress the files and extract it to your specified location. WinRAR. 7-zip. For this tutorial we'll be using µTorrent. 1. Choosing your Expansion: Go to the Firestorm Website or Forums. At the top of the navigation click on the "Join Us" button or alternatively click here. 2. Downloading the Expansion: 2.1. Client Choices: Minimal Client The minimal client is not the full download of the game. It will allow you to play but download content as you play. Note: You may suffer from lag, problems, and content taking awhile to load. Full Client The full client has everything in it, and you will not have to download content while in-game. 2.2. Downloading Process: After installing one of your torrent clients or using your preferred one, you should be able to click on the link on the page and it should say "Open µTorrent", "Open BitTorrent" "Open Deluge", etc. If that option isn't available for you, you can right click on the client button and "Copy link address". Open µTorrent and click on the link icon. Paste in the link you previously copied to the box and click "Ok". Viola, now your game should begin downloading. Now, you play the waiting game and wait for the download to finish. Note: The downloading time may take longer; it depends on your internet connection. 2.3. Unpacking the Archive: Once the expansion is completely downloaded, right click on the file archive, and then click on "Unzip" or "Extract Here". You may alternatively open the archive up and drag/drop the files to the specified folder. Once the extraction time is over, open the folder and run your game by clicking "Wow.exe". Important Note: For those that are using the "minimal client", the initial launch of the game can be long (approximately ten minutes or so). Important Note: To play and connect to the realm Gul'dan, you must not run the "Wow.exe". Instead, launch your game via the "Launcher.exe" provided. Technical Support: If you run into any problems with your installation, game, connection issues, etc. please submit a thread in our Technical Support and we'll do our best to assist you with your problem. Read-only Issue: Right click on the game directory and click on "Properties". Un-tick the box "Read-only". Then click "Apply" then "Ok". Changing the Client Language: List of Locales: "enGB" : English (Great Brittan) "enUS": English (America) "frFR": French (France) "deDE": German (Germany) "itIT": Italian (Italy) "koKR": Korean (Korea) RTL - right-to-left "zhCN": Chinese (China) (simplified) implemented LTR left-to-right in WoW "zhTW": Chinese (Taiwan) (traditional) implemented LTR left-to-right in WoW "ruRU": Russian (Russia) "esES": Spanish (Spain) "esMX": Spanish (Mexico) "ptBR": Portuguese (Brazil) Changing the Language: If you wish to change your in-game client language, open your game directory, and navigate to the WTF folder. Open the file that has .wtf at the end (usually or Look for "textLocale", "textLocale" and set the lines to what language you want it to be. We've provided some locales above! Example: SET textLocale "enUS" SET audioLocale "enUS"
  5. The class mounts will be fixed.
  6. They're opened now submit your request before the close and we process the next batch!
  7. Information: Remember that you need the GMTickets and Firestorm Addon to do the Recruit-a-Friend Program. Download it here! Hello, In our prior announcement, we stated that we're working on a new Recruit-a-Friend system. The new Recruit-a-Friend system includes perks for the recruit and you for recruiting your friend to the server. You both will receive rewards while you play together and do various things in-game. Down below is a list of the perks and a small preview of the Recruit-a-Friend system. Recruit-a-Friend Perks: Teleport You will receive a bonus ability that can be used to teleport your character to your recruit. Experience Bonus Experience gained will be increased for you and your recruit while playing together. Artifact Power Bonus Artifact Power received from tokens will be doubled for you and your recruit, until Artifact Power level 35 is reached. Nethershards Bonus Nethershards loot will be enhanced for you and your recruit while playing together. Loot Bonus Loot received from Instances will have a chance for you and your recruit to double while playing together. Share your Luck The first Legendary Item you or your recruit receives while playing together, will lead to the other also receiving a Legendary Item. This option only is available for your first recruit, afterwards it won't be available anymore. Bonus Honor Conquer the battlegrounds together, and your honor gained will be increased while playing together! Max Level Rewards Upon your recruit reaching max level, the referrer will be presented with options to choose from selected rewards, such as mounts and other. How to invite your friends: Tomb of Sargeras: The first wing of Tomb of Sargeras will open on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 with Heroic, Normal modes available. Here are the three bosses you will meet in the encounter;,, and Loot and achievements will be available. Mythic and Raid Finder modes will be available several weeks later. Return of Boris: Did someone say Boris? I'm finally back, and I don't come alone. Boris will be available on Friday, May 18th, 2018 at 16:00 (CET) until Monday, May 21st at 23:59 (CET). Boris will be present on all realms, and he will offer you a maximum level character with a set of equipment on the expansion of your choice. You don't want to miss out on this! How to receive your boost! Just log in and create a new character. As soon as you enter in game you will see Boris (image above) in the starting zones and main cities, talk to him and your character will be upgraded to maximum level with everything you need to start your adventures! Remember Boris is only available once so make sure you don't use it on the wrong character Allied Races are not able to use this offer.
  8. Migrations are disabled as we're currently processing the batch, they will be opened again when the batch is completed.
  9. Must be level 110. Personal message me your character name that you transferred. Until the first batch of transfers are sifted through, as you're probably aware we received a lot of them 😬.
  10. What? You guys need to have patience there is a lot of people wanting to transfer and we're doing our best to accommodate and transfer them. Read the main thread it says what is transferred. We'll see!
  11. You cannot cancel your request, but you can send me a message and I can cancel it for you. Make sure you provide me the username.
  12. Patience is a virtue they say. You have options on the page to select that. No, your character will be the same as it was on the other community. It's nice that you don't care but please speak for yourself! This is the most requested feature and asked question from other members of the community who wish to transfer/migrate over to Firestorm. I don't really think you dropped the microphone at all. If you believe you can fix everything, then go apply to be a developer and fix everything! Anyways, you're entitled to your own opinion and I won't waste my time further replying to your comments. Just make sure you're more grateful and appreciate what you have. Patience, young padawan.
  13. Your character will remain the same as it was before the transfer/migration. Send me a private message and i'll help you with that. Unfortunately, you can only transfer it once. With all due respect sir or ma'am, you can view the live weekly changelog and see what is applied every week on Monday and Thursday.
  14. Not anytime soon.
  15. You will stop.
  16. Not a suggestion, locked.
  17. Not a suggestion, archived.
  18. Wrong section, archived.
  19. Closed the thread, it's in the wrong section and please speak English.
  20. Closed, not a suggestion.
  21. For several months, there have been several spells that gave advantages over the other ones and resulted in many players having high ranking by abusing it. After we had updated to 7.3.5, the classes were not well balanced but we worked day after day until today (Click here to view Changes). We would like to thank the Quality Assurance Team (PvP) and you for your bug report on these issues. We're going to re-balance the two rankings with the following the changes; The 2v2 & 3v3 ladder will be reset and have a cap of 1800. A team with more than 400 rating over another will not win any points by beating them, however will receive the usual end-of-arena rewards. We will distribute 100 Firestorm Points for players affected by resetting the rating to 1800 in 3v3 as compensation. A decay system will arrive as of Monday, August 13th, 2018 and this will help with cleaning the ladder. You will need to at least do a minimum of 5 matches per week to not be affected by the decay system. If you have the decay on your character, you must do 5 matches to have the penalty removed from your character. 1 week without completing 5 arena matches: -25 rating. 2 weeks without completing 5 arena matches: -50 rating. 3 weeks without completing 5 arena matches: -75 rating. 4 weeks without completing 5 arena matches: -100 rating. The end of the arena season will be decided around the end of September, there is no specific date set in stone but we'll announce it before it happens.
  22. Hello everyone, It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these “development blogs” and given you guys an insight on what’s next for Firestorm. We would like to share the current development status, and what our plans are for Firestorm over the next quarter. Update Flow: We’ve been working hard to improve the flow of updates you guys receive on the realms. With this recent change in the workflow, you will receive content faster, better and quality updates to classes. We now have at least two updates per week to apply the changes. These updates will happen every Monday and Thursday before noon. Team Improvements: Alongside the development team improvements, we’ve also improved the Quality Assurance Team. We now have four teams working with each other in order to improve the quality on Firestorm! You have the following now; Class Masters General Quality Assurance Player vs. Environment Quality Assurance Player vs. Player Quality Assurance. You can contact and see these members on the forums and Discord with the tag, and quality assurance rank. Game Points Partnership: We're proud to announce our partnership with Game Points. Game Points is a service that allows the players to buy codes that you can redeem for getting points on several pages. After buying one, you can send the code to your friend and they'll receive the points or redeem the code yourself. Game Points and PayPal are available. Read more at here. Live Changelog: Rest assure, you can stop asking when you will receive the next change log with this latest feature that has been worked on. No more looking for change log, change log when and tag a specific person, where is the change log! You will be able to browse the change log yourself via the website, you can check out the fixes that were applied and insight to the issue that was specifically fixed. We plan to upgrade the Firestorm Addon to display the latest changes when you log in. We’d love to hear your feedback on this feature, please don’t hesitate to give us feedback! The current four bosses are waiting to be released; we plan to have them on the live realms in the third quarter. Here is a brief status of each boss. Final testing period. Development period. Testing period (#1). Testing period (#1). Argus: The Campaign: The campaign is currently in testing phase, and our Quality Assurance Team has given us good feedback on it, so far! This new adventure will be after the release of Kil’jaeden. You can read more about the campaign here: World Quests The world quests are currently in testing phase, similar to the Campaign. It’s expected to be available with the release of the Campaign. This is currently in development phase; is finished and will enter testing phase. We'll try to release it along with Argus campaign and world quests of this zone to deliver the best experience possible since they are linked to each other. Antorus scripting will start when Tomb of Sargeras is fully released. You can expect the first bosses to be released between mid August 2018 and the start of September 2018. Why: Since the announcement of Battle for Azeroth, we’ve spoken a lot internally about this expansion. We have decided to implement this new expansion to the project. As you read before our team has worked on Legion to release all this content this expansion. We don’t want to reproduce the same issues that we encountered during the transition between Warlords of Draenor and Legion. When: We have started to work on this and it’s in early stage of development, it’s currently under beta testing on retail and systems change on every update. The development team cannot start working on new spells until the release on August 14th, 2018. What about the other expansions, will they be abandoned?: No, to answer your question! We don’t want to reproduce issues that we encountered with Warlords of Draenor. The current developer (Zhelyazkov) will be active for Mists of Pandaria and a new database developer will be hired to improve the scripting quality. As for Cataclysm and Wrath of the Lich King, the development team at WoWCircle will continue to provide updates for those servers.
  23. Hello, We'll be releasing the raid on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 at 18:00 (CET) on Sylvanas. The raid will be available in all modes except for Mythic Mode and Mythic will arrive a few weeks later. If you're encountering an issue or bug with the raid, let us know by filling in a small form and reply to this thread. Thank you for your feedback and support, good luck in your fight in this raid.
  24. The current season on our Garrosh realm will end on Friday, August 10th, 2018. The conquest points will be reset when the new season starts, you will have to spend them before the season ends. The award distribution will happen during the week of August 13th, 2018. Titles from the last season will be removed for those who aren't eligible, except the Season Gladiator one. The rewards will be distributed to 3v3. Here are the level of rewards: Top 1 to 5: Deadly Gladiator, and the mount Top 6 to 15: Gladiator, and Top 16 to 30: Duelist, Top 31 to 50: Rival and Top 51 to 75: Challenger and About rated battlegrounds, Hero of the Alliance ( / Hero of the Horde ( will be given to for the top 10 players in rated battlegrounds who have won at least 50 games during the season. The reward during the next season will be 200 Firestorm Points for the Top 10 players in ranked 3 versus 3 (in addition to the current reward). Good luck and congratulations to all participants.
  25. Woah, you made it over the waves! Tomorrow (Thursday, August 9th, 2018), you will be able to access the news and change log at the click of your fingers in-game. This means you will no longer have to log out or tab out to view the change log, and latest server news. To access the change log and news, you just type /changelog or /news.As a reminder you may need to delete your "Cache" folder before accessing this feature and you will need the "Firestorm" addon enabled in order for it to work. Notes (incase you didn't read the announcement - simply tldr): You will need to delete your "Cache" folder before using these commands. You will need to have the "Firestorm" addon enabled, otherwise it will not work (download here). To view the change log in-game, just type /changelog. To view the server news in-game, just type /news.