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  1. Lately, we have released indications of our next patch for Sylvanas and by now you should know that it's 7.3.5. Today, we invite you all to be present on March 26th, 2018 at (18:00 CET) which we will unveil everything that will be available in the next patch. At 18:30 (CET) we will have a live Question and Answers with the developer's present where we will talk more about everything. There might be a special live stream directly from our testing realm. We hope to see you there.
  2. The current season on our Garrosh realm will end on Friday, March 16th, 2018. The conquest points will be reset when the new season starts, you will have to spend them before the season ends. The award distribution will happen during the week of March 19th, 2018. Also this, we'll be introducing a new feature to Garrosh that is an instant 90 level zone. We'll expand on this soon. The rewards will be distributed to 3v3. Here are the level of rewards: Top 1 to 7: Malevolent Gladiator, and the mount Top 8 to 15: Gladiator, and Top 16 to 30: Duelist, Top 31 to 50: Rival and Top 51 to 75: Challenger and About rated battlegrounds, Hero of the Alliance ( / Hero of the Horde ( will be given to for the top 10 players in rated battlegrounds who have won at least 50 games during the season. Good luck and congratulations to all participants.
  3. Information: This update pack is a continuation of Update 15 and is already live! General Players’ pets will now be affected by speed buffs. (e.g Raids, Dungeons and Instances Siege of Orgrimmar: General Corrected teleport locations for already progressed saves. Boss tank mitigation abilities now include also: will no longer get applied to non-mutated players. should no longer be mitigable by player abilities. Using player ability will no longer result in falling off the edge after jumping on it. Should no longer become dummy-like whilst Should no longer attempt to other bosses while dead. should no longer pick dead targets. will now get removed from all players upon wipe/defeat. Will now despawn upon encounter completion. will now run to center before engaging with raid.’s damage will no longer be able to critically hit. will no longer affect will now properly use its abilities. will now deal proper damage depending on distance, players should now have a better chance of surviving its damage. will now attempt to absorb any damage below 20% health. Players affected by should no longer be able to heal boss with e.g should no longer hit players outside of the cone. Battlegrounds & Arenas Jumping off map edge with slow-fall effects should no longer prevent you from dying. Fixed exploit with where you could have infinite bombs. Eye of the Storm: Flag carrier should no longer appear twice in frame UI. General Spells PvE Set Tier Bonuses will no longer function in PvP environments (Arena, Battleground). Corrected healing amount of SoO trinkets’ Corrected damage amount of SoO trinkets’ Death Knight should no longer break damage breakable crowd control. Druid (Symbiosis)’s duration should now have root diminishing return. Hunter should no longer apply a cooldown on target and should no longer appear as greyed-out to caster. Scripted .’s damage should no longer be canceled if target not of LoS. should no longer be mitigable by Mage will now properly apply snare effect with active. Corrected charge consumption. regeneration in PvP will now be affected by and with more than one of its glyphs should now result in random visual picked. should now properly modify . Correct affection radius of and radius overlap issue. Paladin should no longer be affected by and should now properly affect HoT amount. should now grant mastery bonus when is active. Warlock should no longer consume Correct procs of from should no longer trigger twice per proc. Script; . should now proc on, and Warrior should now always consume stack regardless of hit outcome. should now also work on raid members, as well as on party members. Items Fixed will now drop the entire set, not piece by piece. Fixed loot chance of & can be bought in now. Professions Gem loot chance has been properly changed. & won't be able to be taken at the same time. You will be able to specialize in only one of them. Fixed (Alliance) & (Horde).
  4. After several months of waiting, something promised is finally coming, and here is the biggest raids of Mists of Pandaria. Come face the 14 bosses in Siege of Orgrimmar in Heroic mode! The corrupt warlord Garrosh sank into madness and the thirst for power, so much that he completely denied his owner faction and ideals. It's now up to you to stop him and no matter what faction, he will face you with the same fury and fighting spirit. Do not let him get a hold of Pandaria! He surrounds himself with the best Lieutenants and ferocious beasts to achieve his ends and become the sole supreme leader of Azeroth. You will have a lot of trouble during this long ordeal, but it's a necessary evil, and do NOT let it go! Siege of Orgrimmar will be available on February 27th, 2018 at 13:00 (CET). Loot and achievements will be available, except for Skeer and Garrosh as they're in testing mode. Garrosh has many unwary protectors, who are;
  5. Information: This update pack was already applied. General Players’ pets will now properly restore AI functionality once their target becomes ineligible for attacks (e.g Players’ pets will now properly attack targets under the effects of transform (model change) auras This also affects the issue with pets being unable to attack while in certain phases. Corrected an exploit regarding usage of clone auras, resulting in character possessing no model if the cloned player is no longer ingame. Solved issue where client would freeze/crash upon loading big guilds. 18 crash fixes. Raids, Dungeons and Instances Uldaman: Fixed main entrance portal. Throne of Thunder: Ji’kun: Restore functionality of Siege of Orgrimmar: Corrected teleport locations for already progressed saves. : Restore functionality of should now properly always visually show up. Solve issue with causing line of sight errors when being attacked. Will no longer activate in normal modes. Corrected spawn distance of Heroic: will no longer affect players’ pets. Spoils of Pandaria: Loot chest will now properly appear upon finishing the encounter. Players’ pets will no longer fall through the conveyor. Deactivated weapons will no longer randomly begin regenerating their health. Solved an issue with christmas themed artillery, resulting in it being removed on random occasions. Added boss warnings for players targeted by or Corrected some spells not properly scaling appropriately with instance difficulty. Solved targeting issues with will now despawn properly on encounter wipe/defeat. will now affect only players and Solve issue with not properly affecting damage bonus for its own damage effects. Solve an issue where boss would act as an activated, damaging players on contact with the boss itself. Will now apply only to players using the pipes to get to the conveyor. Correct exploit regarding usage of with active. Correct health values for , and for 10HC and 25HC modes. Corrected teleport position for players just entering the instances, if save progressed to this encounter. In heroic mode bosses will no longer receive upon defeat, but rather every 50 seconds. and will now properly hover around while not activated. Picking an ability from a defeated paragon will now scale it down and strip them from Defeated paragons will now show spellclick cursor only to players with eligible specializations. will now properly affect players within range of 6.5 yards. will now spawn only once per room corner, resulting in 4 spawns for each corner. will now scale down with health remaining, starting from 200% scale, down to a minimum 100%. Corrected health value of in all difficulties. will now target boss with least hp rather than a randomly chosen boss, and will no longer attempt to periodically change already chosen target. will now heal affected targets 10% of their health. Also will despawn upon casting to a player. Boss’ attacks will now trigger Vengeance tank proc. debuff removal will now spawn the appropriate amount of; 5 in 10 player modes and 8 in 25 player modes. will no longer affect tanks with active mitigation abilities (e.g Boss will now cast every 9.5 seconds. If target already has 10 stacks of, it will have no effect and will not refresh it until expired. will now be able to move and cast and will no longer despawn with defeat of Corrected visualization of, will now send only one beam towards target. and will now properly penetrate invulnerability auras (e.g will now pin you down (root) while being casted to you, if you are out of range. Corrected boss’ weapon appearance. will now affect the appropriate number of targets per instance difficulty. Heroic: Scripted Will now properly spray an array of missiles in random directions. will now charge the appropriate number of times per difficulty; 3 times in 10NM; 4 times in 25NM and 10HC; 5 times in 25 HC; Boss will no longer randomly fall from ledges while casting will no longer be pre-spawned. Instead they will begin spawning one (up to maximum of 6) every 10 seconds once boss is defeated. Player ability will now automatically jump player down from ledge when bomb is depleted. will no longer jump to ledges with depleted bombs. will now cast 3 missiles in normal modes and 4 missiles in heroic modes. Re-script for improved retail-like visuals and behaviour. Pools created by will no longer disappear once boss is defeated, but rather when whole encounter is completed. Re-script Should now properly pick appropriate boss with least health. Bosses affected by will now properly initiate a cast. Only in Normal modes. will no longer be attackable in Heroic modes, except by player ability Script Correct spawn position location. Will now properly spawn on raid member you chose. In Heroic mode player ability will now heal only class matching players. Re-script Boss will now cast <sonic projection> all the time when possible. changes: Will no longer despawn upon boss defeat. Instead they will just stay, doing nothing. Will now properly levitate and roam around their spawn position. Will now despawn 5 seconds after being killed. Will properly turn towards their target. Receiving hit will properly disable targets should now properly return to moving towards, in case of path derail. Reaching 100 energy will initiate cast. Correct health value for 10NM, 25NM, 10HC and 25HC modes. Correct AI of Boss will cast only in Heroic modes. Casting will no longer result in boss becoming dummy-like and not reacting to players. should now properly pull all players to the boss and inflict damage varying on distance. Player ability will now disable’s Correct visualization of Solve an issue with, not being properly casted to boss’ target. Correct color buffs in heroic mode. General: Normal: Correct boss health values in different phases. Should now have correct health in each phase and health bonuses will no longer overlap. Heroic: Correct boss health values in different phases. Should now have correct health in each phase and health bonuses will no longer overlap. Correct health values for,,, and for 10HC and 25HC modes. Correct health values for and for 25HC. Stage One: The True Horde: Normal: Re-script Converted players will no longer be able to attack other converted players. Correct AI of converted players. Should now continuously attempt to convert other players. Correct target visualization of chosen victims for target cast Converted players will no longer lose cooldown debuffs (e.g upon deconvertion. Damage received upon reaching 20% or less health will no longer be absorbed, any attempts to free players from should be done cautiously. Correct damage of, also will no longer affect Correct visual representation of damage. will now be displayed in boss frames when activated. changes: Will now precisely match visual and effect radius based on health remaining, also correct radius effect overlap issues. Will now prioritize targets that are farther away from boss. Controlled players by will no longer get affected by will now spawn at ground level, even if target is in mid-air.,, and will now despawn 5 seconds upon dying. Correct knockback distance by Script’s mechanic. Heroic: will no longer be knocked back by <iron star impact>, but will continue receiving damage. will no longer affect players. Correct aggro mechanic of Intermission: Realm of Y’Shaarj Normal: changes: Properly visualize cone in which players will be affected. Will no longer hit players outside the visualized cone. Remaining in the intermission zone after the phase has concluded should no longer be possible. Wiping on this phase should now bring both the players and the boss back to the main room. changes: Re-script Will now cast a missile 5-20 yards in random direction. Entering the dome will result in all players within 15 yards to be affected by Afterwards the dome will despawn. Domes created by will now despawn upon being entered. Correct’s position. Will no longer spawn below ground level. Heroic: will now cast without being engaged in combat. should now only pick targets inside intermission phase. Correct animation of boss receiving energy from heart. Final phase (Fourth phase) (Heroic Only): Script Will now send 5 energy Malicious Energy missiles to boss for every player (up to 2 in 10HC and 5 in 25HC) that’s missing to absorb the missiles inside Players will absorb the missiles in the form of Those missiles cannot be mitigated in any way, except ALT+F4. Script Every 0.5s the boss will initiate missiles to players. Upon landing creates a patch of on the ground, dealing damage to nearby players. Additionally every 0.5s the boss will check for clumps of players. If boss detects such clump it will to the area of the detected clump. No more will be initiated until the next Clump requires 4 players (7 in 25HC) within 10 yards. will choose the nearest player to on upon landing. This will repeat every 10 seconds until it reaches a target. The star can also affect the boss, stunning him, interrupting his current cast and dealing AoE damage. General Spells Vengeance tank buffs will now properly benefit from damage enhancing mods. (e.g Using spells like will no longer teleport you in the middle of pool, resulting in your character’s death. Rogue Solve an issue where was being applied without Creatures Scripted the following non-player characters: Fixed the following non-player characters: Added the following non-player characters to the game: Quests Fixed, improved script of Tank and Melee DPS challenges. The following quests are scripted: Fixed the map tracker of the following quests: Objects Fixed the following gameobjects: Fixed loot of Items Fixed loot of &
  6. Located in Suramar, the biggest buildings of the Broken Isles await you! Continue an adventure of the third raid in Legion, Nighthold! The raid offers you to face a total of ten bosses, including the final boss who is known as Gul'dan! Its time for you to put an end to this treachery perpetrated by the Nighthold! Nighthold will be released on February 14th, 2018 at 18:00 (CET). Loot and achievements will be available as well! (Note: Mythic will be available in a few weeks, depending on the tests performed). Revisit these well-known old bosses of the old world; Deep within the foundations of the Nighthold, beneath the sea, lie long-forgotten vaults that give access to the Nightwell itself. This monstrous armored scorpid has made its home in one of these vaults. Infused with the power of the Nightwell, and surrounded by a teeming brood, Skorpyron presents a serious complication to an otherwise-promising back entry to the Nighthold. The cavern at the base of the Nightwell is a maelstrom of raw energy, as the power to fuel an entire civilization courses from the earth. Born from this chaotic flux, the Chronomatic Anomaly is an embodiment of the power of the Eye of Aman'thul. As it lashes out with energy attacks, the bursts of energy warp the very flow of time. Trilliax, once proud servant to the nightborne aristocracy, has been discarded and left to slowly deteriorate among other surplus constructs. While an unwavering will to carry out its tasks remains, the passage of time has splintered this construct's personality matrix. It now unpredictably switches from one mode to the next, ranging from doting caretaker to homicidal sterilizer, craving recognition and validation from a master that no longer exists. Aluriel always had an affinity for magic. She rose through the ranks of the Nightguard effortlessly, having a natural talent with the sword. But no matter how strong she became, she wanted more. She studied with the mages at the University of Suramar, spending her days in combat training and her evenings in the artificery. She forged her weapons and armor in the Nightwell, weaving magic spells into the precious metals. She is the first Spellblade, adept in the schools of Fire, Frost and Arcane. The nightborne astromancer Etraeus has devoted long years of research to scouring the skies of Azeroth, seeking answers to the great mysteries of the universe. His scrying has shown him worlds beyond our ken, and the power of the Nightwell allows him to draw upon the essence of those worlds to amplify his own powers. From his youth, the nightborne Tel'arn was fascinated by plant life: the resilience and adaptability of weeds, the ability of simple grass to harness the power of the sun, the way a tree may be divided into two, or two branches grafted into one. Aided by the energies of the Nightwell, he has transformed himself to the point that he is scarely recognizable as a nightborne elf. He now considers himself something far, far greater. This colossal doom lord, one of the largest and mightiest creatures in the armies of the Legion, was defeated at the Broken Shore through the combined might of the greatest heroes of the Horde and the Alliance. Having recovered from his wounds, Krosus emerges from the bay between the Nighthold and the Tomb of Sargeras to crush any who would oppose the Legion. The dreadlord Tichondrius, once leader of the nathrezim, was once slain by the newly-awakened power of none other than Illidan Stormrage. Reconstituted in the Twisting Nether, Tichondrius returns to watch over Gul'dan on behalf of the Legion, ensuring that the orc warlock does not once again fail his masters. Elisande once distinguished herself by resisting the Legion. She and her highborne followers broke away from Queen Azshara and the dark path she was taking, harnessing the power of the Eye of Aman'thul to create the Nightwell to protect Suramar from the Sundering. But over ten thousand years later, the Legion's arrival offered her no such recourse. She has cast her lot with the demons, hoping to once again use the power of the Nightwell - albeit this time in a very different sense - to save her people. The chain of events set in motion when Garrosh escaped to Draenor has continued, unbroken for all its twists and turns, leading to this very moment. Thwarted in Draenor, Gul'dan now stands on the precipice of achieving ultimate victory on behalf of his Legion masters. Standing atop the Nighthold, as the vortex of fel energy swirls in the skies overhead, the outcast orc warlock awaits his destiny. In addition to the release date of Nighthold, the following things have changed; The maximum item level will increase to level 915 (formerly 895). Legendary items will now be at level 940 when you receive one. Woah, don't yell at us yet, remain calm! If you already have a legendary item, we'll make a quest available to you so you can upgrade yours ( Player versus Player (Battlegrounds) and World Quests item level will be increased to 850 (formerly 835). Remember that if you encounter any issues during the raid, please report it to the feedback thread.
  7. Additional fixes that were added over the last week Arena map "Black Rook Hold" can no longer traps a player, closing all 3 doors of the same area. Fixed, no longer gain when warrior’s doesnt touch anyone, or when the warrior is in Arms Spec. Fixed, now heals for the correct amount when the caster is in bear form, guardian spec. Fixed, no longer interfere with allies’ vision. Fixed, no longer gets stuck on terrain, but now needs the caster to be in Line of Sight with the target to deal damage.’s waves’ hitboxes have been reduced to avoid hitting frontal enemies with side and back waves.’s proc, no longer detonates for each target in its radius, but only once, as it should. Fixed, now heals if it gets stolen, purged, or if you manually cancels it, according to retail’s behaviour in 7.1.5.’s damage is no longer divided between number of target hits.
  8. Information: This update pack was applied on Wednesday, January 24, 2018. General Fixed some legion item’s random secondary stats. Fixed wrong collision with Disable toy. Player's can no longer use artifact power item when their currently equipped artifact has already all its traits. Added Weekly Bonus Events rotation (except Timewalking events) with the correct passives on the players. Fixed class-hall enter restriction. You shouldn’t be stuck now anymore if you enter a class hall which is not the one of your class. Hotfixes (The following fixes has been applied already during the past weeks): Fixed, no longer gives permanent movement speed. Fixed, can no longer target rare creatures. Fixed, is no longer triggered on Renew when you don’t have the talent selected, and can’t stack anymore. Dampening no longer persists upon leaving arenas (Greymane). You can no longer mount while carrying flags with specific mounts (Battlegrounds). Fixed an issue that caused players to keep player versus player talents when surrendering a duel during preparation. Fixed, now has a 60 degree cone angle (was 45). Raids, Dungeons and Instances General: It’s not possible anymore to release spirit during a raid encounter. Fixed an exploit allowing players to be resurrected by closing the game while being dead, and logging back alive. Fixed battle resurrection charges gain in Legion raids. Fixed an issue causing some summoned creatures to deal insane amount of damages. All cooldowns less than 10 minutes long should now be reseted when a challenge dungeon begins. A testing aura has been added to dungeons/raids in test phase (eg., preventing death, to make testing easier for players. The buff can be canceled by right-clicking on it, but will be automatically reapplied 30 seconds later, if needed. Fixed an exploit allowing players to burst down after using exit combat spells such as or Fixed an issue causing some boss to constantly disappear after a wipe. The raid is now opened in all difficulties (LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic modes). The raid is now opened in all difficulties for a testing period. All bosses should be testable in normal and heroic modes. Mythic mode is not fully finished yet. Fixed an exploit allowing raids to defeat without entering in any of the Nightmare portals during a mythic encounter. Deleted an invisible creature (, attacking players without be able to fight back. Reworked some parts of the instance. It should be completeable at all difficulties now. Fixed bonus loot of Battlegrounds & Arenas Added some changes to the queue dodging system: The dodging team is now correctly displayed on the scoreboard. Rating changes are correctly calculated and displayed on the scoreboard for both teams. The winner team now correctly gains rating. Damages dealt by summoned creatures are now correctly added to your own damages on the scoreboard. Fixed armor values of the player versus player templates. The bug preventing the use of your artifact main spell upon switching spec or re-equipping the artifact has been fixed. Artifact passive damage and or stamina per traits purchased now correctly get applied upon re-equipping artifact or changing spec. Fixed's spawn position. General Spells Pandaren Racial ( now works for all pandas. Fixed, and now correctly triggers corresponding diminishing return. Death Knight Fixed, stacking now works correctly. Fixed, no longer benefits from affixes in M+ modes. Fixed's proc chance has been adjusted. Fixed, now correctly interrupts and pulls the targets, and taunts it on top of that if you are blood spec. Fixed, now the aura depends on the caster. Implemented Corrected with, now will apply on all targets that take damage from Fixed, now benefits from free death coils with Sudden doom, fixed summoning animation, fixed flying while casting Val'kyr Strike. Fixed, now is only usable while having a ghoul up. Scourge Strike, Clawing Shadows with Death and Decay or Defile must burst Festering Wound from all targets that got hit by either of these three spells. Implemented Fixed, you can no longer grip bosses. Demon Hunter Fixed transform, model now depends on your gender and your specialization. Fixed for right damaged targets when player is staffing. Fixed, now applies the right buff when player kill an enemy under its effect. Fixed, now damage against the first target being increased. Druid Fixed, will be disabled after cast. is now removed when a player leaves bear form. Corrected, consecutive procs are now working correctly. Synergy between and fixed for some HoT spells.'s stacks now get consumed upon proc. Fixed formula. Hunter Fixed, resetting cooldown. The following pet resurrection spells don't show invalid target alert anymore (, and Fixed, now reduces damage correctly for each rank. Fixed, the cooldown is being reduced correctly with ranks. Fixed, now revives your pet back with one-hundred percent health. Fixed, the knockback has been adjusted. Implemented Fixed, the animation is now correct. Mage Fixed, improved the way of charging up Fixed, isn't being removed in player versus player, teleports and other situations. Fixed, no longer deals damage multiple times. Fixed, corrected some of the mechanics (cancelled, spellsteal and dispelled). and no longer get their damage boosted against targets affected by any kind of stun, only when it’s “frozen”. Fixed, corrected the problem with critical strike. Fixed, now should break upon every completed spell cast and on damage taken. Implemented Fixed, now generates Fingers of Frost by Frozen Orb. Fixed, the damages are now correct. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now works correctly. Monk Fixed for stacking correctly for and Now only the caster can be healed from Fixed for adding its extra damage to rix effect. Windwalker spec passive, now applies to allies (as intended)! Fixed, now correctly increases stagger amount. Fixed, now only procs from, as stated in the tooltip. Fixed, now works as intended. In the process, and have been polished. Fixed, no longer lingers when you unlearn the talent, or switch spec. Corrected the issue that caused some Mistweaver monks to have chi requirements, and thus being unable to cast certain spells. Fixed is now always available in Windwalker spec (CD still exists…) Fixed, now only procs from, as stated in the tooltip. Now should only be on peak of serenity (pre lvl 100) and the monk order hall. Fixed, now it generate threat in a 30 yard range. And if you cast on the statue, all enemies that are attacking the statue (withing 10 yards), will be taunted to you and will start attacking you. Fixed, now applies Paladin Fixed, will now protect players that take big damage and health below 20% as intended. The healing you get from no longer heals the beacons, as intended. Fixed an issue causing to proc too often per cast, if done on a huge number of targets packed. Fixed, now the healing and mana gain be 0.2% per 2 sec. Fixed, now Demon and Undead enemies stunned for 6 sec after getting hit and fix Fixed, the proc and added in the proc list of and Fixed, the crit chance is now 2x. Priest Fixed bonus loot triggering while under the effects of Fixed evading damage when target is out of combat. Fixed, now applies a chance for no damage at Shadow Mend damage over time. Fixed, healing effect is now increasing correctly for each rank. Fixed, now targets the right number of allies. Fixed’s missile speed has been doubled to be more accurate. Fixed, now only gives 5 insanity upon getting hit by auto-attacks, and when you are not in voidform, as stated in the tooltip. Fixed’s stacking has been corrected. Fixed, now should give you only 6 insanity and apply both DoTs on the target and not deal the first damage if you apply it on the target. Fixed, damage formula is now corrected. Implemented Fixed, now if is on cooldown, it resets the cooldown. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now works with trinket, and heal ignores damages reduction. Fixed, now can be dispelled. Fixed, now doesn’t jump on absorbed hit. Rogue Fixed, now is being affected by buff. Fixed, no longer bugged anymore after clicking out it's buff. Fixed, will now proc with Fixed, is no longer cancelled by Fixed’s off-hand damage. Fixed Fixed, now correctly interferes with vision. Shaman Fixed, is now considering and for its healing effect. Fixed, proc chance is not annulated for anymore. Fixed, is always triggered when you have Fixed, the effect has been improved and applied to Fixed, critical hits damage fixed. Fixed, targets selection is now fixed. Fixed, now protects only players. Fixed, stacking issue has been fixed. You will gain a stack every tick of healing done from Fixed, now benefits from All totems are now immune to healing and shielding. Totems are now immune to's AoE damage. Fixed Fixed Fixed the elemental damage calculations and AI. They should feel more responsive and useful. now replaces Fixed for restoration specialization. Warlock Fixed, now considering critical hits. Destruction specialization was missing some damage buffs, which are now implemented. Go try it! Demonology: Observer's health has been adjusted to 10% of caster max health. Fixed, it will now copy the damage and the debuff effect from Fixed, added missing spells. Fixed, will now proc from Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now works correctly. Corrected the dash animation for Fixed, the damages are now properly scaling with the glyph. Fixed, the damages are now correct on with buff Correct, now is immune to control. Warrior Fixed for being earned even if you only assist the kill. Damage to extra targets of has been fixed to 50%. Using no longer procs warrior allies’ Implemented Fixed, corrected the proc. Fixed Implemented Fixed, the animation is now correct. Quests Fixed, you should be able to drop Oculeth more reliably now. World Quests: Fixed an issue where certain Alliance races couldn't complete World Quests in Suramar has been fixed. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. has been scripted and implemented. Items Fixed Fixed, it will no longer give a permanent 10% damage reduction, and now works as intended.’s proc rate has been adjusted. Fixed, now contains follower equipment or follower iLevel.’s buff no longer stacks, as stated in the tooltip. Fixed, now increases health and mastery correctly. Fixed, now orb is dealing damage. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now increase resource. Fixed, now proc rate is correct. Fixed, now can be consumed to restore mana. All Legion Class-Hall Armor upgrade kits are now working as intended. Legion Food buffs do not stack anymore with each other. Legendary Items: Fixed, it will now proc for from can't give you permanent stacks anymore. Fixed, you will now get the buff when, if you have chosen the talent. Implemented Implemented Fixed, corrected the health gained by rage spent. Fixed, can't spread to opposite factions anymore.
  9. Sylvanas Player vs Player Feature Status Season 1 Working Player vs Player Templates Working Honor Talents System Working Honor Talents Spells In Progress Features Feature Status Artifact System Working Class Order Hall System Working Class Order Hall Missions Working Class Order Hall Questlines N/A Class Order Hall Talents Working World Quests Working Player vs Player Talents Working Player vs Player Templates Working Legendary System Working Mythic+ Working Obliterum System (Forge/items/etc) Working Dungeons Dungeon Status Black Rook Hold LFG/NHC/HC M/ M+ Court of Stars In Testing Phase (Loot/Achievements disabled) Darkheart Thicket LFG/NHC/HC M/ M+ Eye of Azshara LFG/NHC/HC M/ M+ Halls of Valor LFG/NHC/HC M/ M+ Maw of Souls LFG/NHC/HC M / M+ Neltharions Lair LFG/NHC/HC M/ M+ Violet Hold LFG/NHC/HCM Vault of Wardens LFG/NHC/HC M/ M+ The Arcway M/M+ Return to Karazhan M Legion Raids Dungeon Status The Emerald Nightmare Working (LFR/N/H/M*) Trial of Valor Working (LFR/N/H/M) The Nighthold Working (N/H/M) Azsuna Chapter Status Behind Legion Lines Working Defending Azurewing Repose Working Azsuna versus Azshara Working Against the Giants Working Mak'rana and the Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Working Val'Sharah Chapter Status Archdruid of the Vale Working Archdruid of the Claw Working Archdruid of Lore Working Into the Nightmare Working All Nightmare Long Working Bradensbrook Working Black Rook Hold Working Highmountain Chapter Status The Rivermane Tribe Working Riverbend Working The Skyhorn Tribe Working The Bloodtotem Tribe Working Huln's War In Progress Secrets of Highmountain Working Battle of Snowblind Mesa N/A Stormheim Chapter Status Greymane's Gambit N/A The Aftermath N/A The Trial of Might N/A The Trial of Will N/A The Trial of Valor N/A To Helheim and Back N/A Secrets of the Shieldmaidens N/A The Champion of Stormheim N/A Suramar Pre-quests Chapter Status Nightfall Working Chief Telemancer Oculeth Working Masquerade Status will be added soon! Arcanisst Kel'danath Status will be added soon! Feeding Shal'Aran Status will be added soon! The Light Below Status will be added soon! Suramar Story Chapter Status The Waning Crescent Status will be added soon! Blood and Wine Status will be added soon! Statecraft Status will be added soon! A Growsing Crisis Status will be added soon! A Change of Seasons Status will be added soon! Breaking the Lightbreaker Status will be added soon! Eminent Grow-Main Status will be added soon! Jandviks Jarl Status will be added soon! Tidying Tel'anor Status will be added soon! Moon Guard Stronghold Status will be added soon! An Ancient Gift Status will be added soon! Jandviks Jarl Status will be added soon! World Bosses Name Status Levantus Working Calamir Working Withered J'im Working Humongris Working Shar'thos Working Drugon the Frostblood Working Flotsam Working
  10. Hi, You can report a member of the international staff team via this thread here. If they're caught abusing their powers then proper actions will be taken against the person. However, we will not RELEASE the punishment a Game Master or Forum Moderator receives. We respect their privacy, and they shouldn't be forced to tell anyone. However, we will inform you once the report has been concluded.
  11. Hello, We’re ready for the holiday spirit, are you? We couldn’t celebrate Christmas without a reappearance of our favorite person. He has decided to visit for Christmas and give you all a gift. Here is the details of what’s going down on Firestorm during Christmas; Boris Tis' the season to be jolly! Did you forget about Boris? I'm back to spread the Holiday Spirit. Just in time for Christmas and a present for you! Boris and his chicken took the Zepplin to come back for December 22nd, 2017 at 16:00 (CET). To celebrate the holiday spirit, and returning of Boris, he'll offer you a pre-equipped character on each Firestorm Expansion. All you have to do is login between December 22nd, 2017 and December 29th, 2017 and speak with Boris! He will level up your character to the maximum level and gives you all the items you need to start your adventures on Firestorm. Boris arrived with a Christmas Promotion Get an extra 30% points from any purchases of points from December 22nd, 2017 at 4:00pm (CET) to January 2nd, 2018 at 11:56pm (CET)! You can buy points from this page. With your points, you will have a wide access to choices of weapons, mounts, companions, and other stuff. Visit our shop here. This promotion will be available until January 2nd, 2018 at 11:56pm (CET). Christmas Lootbox That’s not all of it yet! We’ve launched a new Christmas Lootbox which is available for a limited time. This lootbox is only available on Sylvanas and Greymane. Try your luck and unlock a unique cosmetic for this winter or even a mount. For more information on the Christmas Lootbox visit our shop. Ontop of that the in-game event “Winter Veil” is awaiting you in-game. The event will be available until January 2nd, 2018. On behalf of the entire team at Firestorm, we wish you and everyone around you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and Happy New Years to all of you guys. We hope that everyone will be safe and have a good time during their holiday break
  12. Since the high treason of Loken, Odyn is trapped in the Trial of Valor while Helya tries to seize the souls of its Valarjar champions. However, great heroes have recently arrived on the Stormheim lands in the wake of the Legion, you! Hoping that your power and determination will be enough to tip the scales and overthrow the reign of Helya, but also Odyn who is summoning all his champions forged henchmen in a final mission to become unstoppable. Trial of Valor will be released in mythic mode on January 13th, 2018 at 18:00 (CET). Loot and achievements will be available as well!
  13. Resulting from last minute issues; we'll be postponing the release of Trial of Valor in mythic mode. The new release date is January 13th, 2018 at 18:00 (CET).
  14. Yes, use the minimal client or Launcher.
  15. There is more than just that, there is toys, mounts, auras, morphs, and a title.
  16. I believe there is more than just one mount in the box.
  17. If you're having trouble connecting in-game use the unstuck tool via the website.
  18. Cara asked: Hey. I was wondering what patch you going to make after 7.1.5? There is rumors that Firestorm will directly go to 7.3. However, I think 7.2.5 was 1 of the best patches, especially in the PvP aspect and it shouldn't be skipped. Firestorm will indeed directly switch from 7.1.5 patch to 7.3. We know it's maybe not the best thing to do as far as progression is concerned, but developing a new patch takes time : network protocol changes, all classes spells / talents / traits changes, some general mechanics need to be reworked and it take months to update them, so unfortunately we can't afford to switch to 7.2.5 then 7.3. We want the next patch switch to be the last on Legion before BFA so we won't have to rework every class once again and we'll be able to keep our fixes in the future Tweek asked: What's the reasoning behind the prioritization of content progression over class fixes? several classes has been broken for 6+ months, where there has been a clear increase in content. With every new patch, there are several spells, talents, pvp talents and more that get either slightly tweaked, or completely changed, which makes spell fixing a never ending task. PvE content on the other hand, never changes, so when we release a raid or dungeon, we know it will work virtually forever, and thus why lately, some prioritization has been made on PvE. On the other hand, it doesn't mean we're skipping spell fixes, we have developers working on them every day. The continuous release of changelogs, with the latest addition being a week ago, is a proof we're not forgetting major spells issues. With the upcoming 7.3 patch release, we'll switch back the focus on spell issues. Naisu asked: When we will see changes about mythic + depleted keys system ? When we gonna see downgrade for depleted keys? Mythic Keystone dungeons will receive updates in Patch 7.3. The depletion mechanic will be removed for convenience (it have been removed on retail in patch 7.2.5). Appelpastei asked: That feature arrives with patch 7.2.5. Speaking of which, is there an eta release date of an updated patch after all the NH bosses gets released? We plan to release the first wing of Nighthold early january and then release wing by wing every few weeks. If we keep up with this pace, 7.3 patch should be release around April Tweek asked: What will the state of the future patch be ? since it's basically a remake of the expansion, with many major changes, can we expect the content to be playable, or will the server "reset" to its previous state of newer patch, but older content? With 7.3 patch release, we plan to focus all of our attention on class fixes for several weeks before the release so we can make sure players experience will be at least as good as it is right now. We'll also release it with the broken shore questline scripted and at least the cathedral of eternal night available. Alwint3r asked: I'm just curious on how you deploy the server. Do you deploy directly on the host machine or are you using container like Docker to deploy the server ? We use continuous integration that builds docker images to deploy the new updates on our realms so yes, we're deploying them with docker. Manash114 asked: How are you going to implement Legion Pathfinder ? Is it going to be the same as Draenor Pathfinder? We plan to make it available in-game when the broken shores questline and world quests are going to be available along with the 7.3 patch. We'll auto-complete some of the requirements, especially about Suramar since the full questline is not going to be available before a long time. Koles737 asked: Will you fix WoD and MoP raids and dungeons in the future ? One developer has been assigned to backport all of our MoP and WoD raids and then fix old PvE content issues on Legion. So yeah, you can expect releases and fixes about the old content in the following weeks. Masashi asked: When can we expect fix for Legion professions ? We are working on it, more fixes towards the professions will be available on the next changelogs! The current quest priority is to work on the Profession Questlines, next up is the Blacksmithing questline but because the professions might require cooperation with a spell dev, we will also work on the next Suramar questline at the same time. You can also expect Nomi (cooking) to be scripted for the next changelog Tideturner asked: From what you said earlier, I know that you're very reluctant on switching patches, with rescripting things and all. Here I assume that you'll be waiting for patch 7.3.5. Does that mean we're going to get level scaling in all zones ? And on another note, I have been wondering how does SmartAI and quest scripting work? SmartAI involves databases, but how does it distinguish values to convert them into actions that would otherwise be coded with direct code ? And do quests use SmartAI as well, or do they actually use C++ to describe requirements and conditions ? We will most likely get the low level scaling asap as it would simplify the leveling experience by a ton. There are some current known bugs that will have to be fixed and there will definitely be unknown bugs and issues to tackle but its a priority. Regarding SmartAI (Also called SAI for short), All Legion Quests and Most quests in all expansions have been scripted with SAI. As the main SQL dev, my policy is to script as many quests as possible, as blizzlike as possible, without bothering any of the Core Devs, the ones who script the raids, dungeons, spells and general issues. The more time they spend on helping me, the less time they are spending on bigger priorities like raids or spells. SAI is done in the database, but what the numbers do is defined in Core, you can look at it as a program that allows people who don't know programming to script things. Tarsis asked: I would like to know what you will do about the battle pets and battle pet system which is deactivaded in the Garrosh/Mists of Pandaria server. Not only me, but many other players like the battle pets and it’s not possible to capture and battle with them anymore. Please, put the battle pets back in the game. Battle pets aren't disabled, it was a temporary issue that is already fixed on Garrosh. TemospenaPT asked: I would like to know when is going to return the test server in mop, or if it is just not going to return. We open public test realms only when we need them, for the moment it's not required. The main issue was that most of the players used it as a main realm and complains they lost theirs characters on it when we reset it, so we prefer keep it closed. Medrant asked: When Griftah will be really fixed on Sylvanas ? This NPC trades items for a currency that has been implemented in 7.2.5, we'll fix it when we'll change patch, along with the currency. Uskoplje1 asked: Court of Stars soon ? The dungeon is almost finished, the QA and the dev team are doing the last tests and minor fixes. You can expect a release in early January. Extralolz asked: Will you be implementing Arena Spectator for Legion ? So we can see if someone does wintrade. We're not planning to implement a real time Spectator, but a replay system that will allow anyone to see a match by using a simple command in game, only requiring the Arena match ID which can be found on the arena match history on our Website. Helgyrh asked: For when is the next Cataclysm update and changelog ? We plan to do the next cataclysm update in January. Hidetsukuo asked: Are you recruiting game masters ? Yes we are looking for game masters, please read the recruitment section on the forums to know the exact expansions. Once a slot is free, we do publish a topic about it, so… Stay tuned ! Lots of People asked: Is Firestorm planning to make tournaments for real money prize pool or stuff ? Like on old arena tournament. We're about to make PvP Cups for 1v1 / 3v3 / BG. Rewards will be based on how important the cup is, so the rewards won't be always the same, it'll be discussed before we do prepare any cup... *Mystery*. Gabriëll asked: A lot of players from south america are having connection issues with the server since some days. Is there any kind of solution on the way? Lots of players cannot connect due to this. The issue isn't on our own, but the ISP themselves from South-America. They're having big issues lately, so we can't tell the ETA of the issue. But you can connect on a proxy to avoid this issue, yet you'll have a bigger ping than usual. We're currently working on a solution from our side tho, to implement a transparent proxy that will have a better response time. Nosh asked: Will you be releasing fun realms for the previous expansions, like Cataclysm / Wrath of the Lich King to get more players ? We don't plan on making any fun server for older expansions simply because people don't play them anymore. The number of people asking for it isn't as high as you might think, so we would rather focus on more important stuffs
  19. It's been along time since we've done a Question and Answers for you guys. We've decided that we'll do a Questions and Answers, you will ask your questions on this thread and they'll be answered on Discord by the Firestorm Administrators and Developers. Now, you're probably asking what do I have to do to get my question answered and here is the three steps you got to do! Post on the thread your question. If your question is rude, disrespectful, toxic, trollish and violates our community rules/guidelines it won't be answered. Your question will be skipped, and you might receive a punishment on the forums. If you haven't already, join our Discord Server (Invite). Be online on the Discord at the date and time that's announced below. There will be a channel that's locked for developers, administrators, and we'll provide the questions you asked and answer them all live there. (i.e; Inveric asked: When will I get my felbat?). The questions and answers will happen on December 18th, 2017 at 4:00pm (server time).
  20. Event Information: In this event, we'll be inviting all players from both Alliance and Horde factions. You will have a chance to show Firestorm the best when it comes to your transmogrification. In the first round we'll eliminate half of the contests, then in the second round the judges will eliminate half the contests until the judges have picked the final three contestants. For this event, the theme will be Christmas and Holiday Spirit, please make sure that your transmog is related to that. You will be judged on the following categories; matching colours, rarity of outfit, and use of emotes, trinkets, etc. Event Details: Date: December 19th, 2017. Time: 9:30pm (CET) Event Rules: Be respectful and polite to other players. Listen to all instructions given to you by a Game Master. Follow all of the server rules. Do not flag others or enable player versus player. Do not use any form of mount, whether it's flying or an ordinary ground mount. Event Prizes: First Place: Merrymaker Title and Second Place: 4 loot boxes, and a choice between or Third Place: 2 loot boxes and Credits to @Bax for the logo.
  21. Hi everyone, The pre-season ended on December 18th, 2017 and we'll begin the first season of Legion. We will be giving rewards for this pre-season but only for 3s and rated battlegrounds. They will be processed on a similar way retail does, top alliance and horde (requires 50 games played on 3s). Gladiator: Top 0.5% and 100 Firestorm gold points. Duelist: Top 3.0% and 75 Firestorm gold points. Rival: Top 10.0% and 50 Firestorm gold points. Challenger: Top 35.0% and 25 Firestorm gold points. In order to start this season, we've updated the gear and the changes are below; Minimum reward in battlefields and skirmishes arenas: Base drop of 845 item level. Rewards given in rated battlegrounds and arenas: 1400 — Item level 850. 1600 — Item level 860. 1800 — Item level 870. 2000 — Item level 875 (Elite). 2200 — Item level 880 (Elite). 2400 — Item level 885 (Elite). The new season will last approximately three to four months.
  22. Flying is disabled in capitals to allow everyone to have a unique player versus player experience against raids in capitals, you can fly outside capitals.