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  1. Can wait for this moment, hard work do the Dev's, most of ppl don't understand how is tedious to programming multiple stuffs. God Job!
  2. I followed the steps to re-install my graphics card and is already updated, I tried check graphics with WoD and works perfect and another games without these problems. I've downloaded WoW from another great page competitive like Nostalrius called Elysium. and the same issues with the lines and sometimes crash the game. I don't know what is supposed to be but I guess don't have compatibility with my graphic card otherwise I'm playing WoW vanilla with this fails textures and get some crashes sometimes, I know maybe cause problem to the hardware and get the killing blue screen
  3. Since Firestorm has announced the realm of the first expansion of WoW classic as called "Vanilla" I immediately Downloaded whole game by the link attached in a topic [VANILLA: DOWNLOAD & CONNECTING (1.12.1)] already downloaded i started to play it and I have some issues with the textures ever seen in other expansion, in my case I play WoD and I don´t have non issues with that. I'll show U some pics captured with addons previously added by me and another pic without adddons, I changed many times the graphic settings in the game and the processor AMD configurations [AMD A10 7300]. there's another way to fix this or solved it? please I need your help to play this wonderful first expansion
  4. Hello uncle FIRESTORM, I'm looking for my hunter some pets, but some pets are unavailable or maybe they are bugged. I like to see a list of available pets to hunt please. For the Horde! Peace.
  5. I agree with what you said. the fun comes at level 90, and it's cool for defeat some bosses and discover some dungeons and get strong weapons n' stuff. I'm not a pacient person, if I want to become a good player, I must do everything possible to be. but I saw some videos of how to level and get gold to fast only with profession "engineer" and It's boring for me do that. actually I don't understand how my friends have some characters with level 90 and fully armed in only two weeks (WTF!?). I think is too easy get them like strange or epic mounts (say mi friends), I met some guys in the gaming chat of WoW helping me In where places I must to be and get suits (plates) and I'm grateful to these guys for help. Soon I will come equipped more, maybe you like to meet my character, but I'm on a server in Spain. but if you would like to visit some dungeon or whatever here I give you my nickname "Soshana". Thanks for answering: 3 P.D Merry Christmas!
  6. Hello everybody! I'm a new gamer in WoW - Mist of Pandaria. I have two classes of horde (Paladin & Dk) (My paladin have level 80 with poor equipment) (My DK have level 63 with poor equipment) and I need to know How to get fully equipment and stuffs, for example get this stuff in dungeons according the level and mounts. My friends recommended me this game and I like it! but I don't know how do i begin in WoW. I'll be grateful for your anwers.