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  1. Few people talking in world chat about WoW lore. The topic is raised about the "sexual" relationships between wow characters. Some people make a few jokes, me in particular I say "tyrande got gangbanged by malfurion and illidan". All in good fun, no one is hurt or offended, everyone gets on with playing the game. 10 mins later i am teleported to GM jail or whatever and get banned for 3 days. Do you guys think i deserve a 3 day ban for this? The rules are clear, it says mute or up to 15 days ban for erotic content. I have already made an appeal and ofc no reply. I just don't understand the point of the ban, what is it going to accomplish? I don't remember the GM's name but it started with O and he was a male draenei. He's always the one people talk about when it comes to banning for horrible reasons.