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  1. yes,you can I'm from China,chinese player.and i have ping about 180ms with internet accelerator
  2. Title: PLS add tasks in chinese for BFA content Type: In-game Description: 
  3. Dear LegnaX and Firestorm, could you pls add tasks for BFA in chinese?we have tasks for old content in chinese,like MOP and CATA,but don't have BFA tasks in chinese. thanks u are not online in QQ chat,,so i post a topic in the forum,sorry for my trouble
  4. but i buy items by dollar instead of RMB,if they add Alipay or Paypal,then i can buy items by RMB,it would nice. The best solution is to fix it.
  5. but fix old content is much more easier than fixing legion content.FS staff have experience in those old version.After that players can have more fun ingame.And then dev can focus their attention on fixing legion content
  6. and i know where the problem is,this legion server is not update from 6.23version,it's a new server.then fixed content might not work,or work here.
  7. and fix previous content is just a suggestion.I love this server. Good server like FS is worth waiting for fixing.
  8. so just play only asuna work and 3 dungeon work legion?
  9. and then there will be more players.
  10. why not fix past content quickly,and then concentrate on legion content?
  11. but it's easy to add past contents,because firestorm have experience of wlk/cata/mop/wod version,but it's difficulty to fix legion content.
  12. sorry for my poor english.i mean legion content work not perfect,then fix content before legion,and players can have more fun.
  13. Title: fix old DUNGEONs and RAIDs,please(legion7.03 version) Type: In-game Description:  now that legion works not perfect,and players can only join 3 dungeons and no legion raids.And endless PVP BG is soooooooo boring,why not repair old dungeons and raids so that we can do something more in game?Just make them like your 6.23version's content. thanks a lot.
  14. what if there are 2players or more same name?so GM give those same name players a chance to change name.if you want your previous name,then you must change it quickly before other players