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  1. Title: [Legion] http://www.wowhead.com/npc=95688/windtamer-nalt Type: In-game Description: Hello all. Please do http://www.wowhead.com/npc=95688/windtamer-nalt visible during http://www.wowhead.com/quest=41705/assault-on-thunder-totem because players are not able to use flight master right now when there is that World Quest active. Thank you for response. Kind regards, @Tigd
  2. Hello @LilithLR. Didn't you bug him? You have to damage him slowly to finalize all 3 phases. If you still think he is bugged please report this issue to Firestorm Bugtracker. Kind regards, @Tigd
  3. Hello @killshotph. It is okay to stream private server only if you have less than 500 people watching you (this applies when streaming expansion below Legion, so 1.X-6.X). When Twitch Admins see that you stream private server they can ban you but it is hard to detect that because you will be streaming Legion 7.3.5 so it is same with Legion version which is on retail (except Battle for Azeroth beta). So it is safe. Have a nice day. You can also link your Firestorm Account with Twitch Account here. Welcome to the community. Kind regards, @Tigd
  4. Hello @SaulWillowshild. I don't think that Assault on the Dark Portal is fully fixed so I recommend you to skip this quest line and level up in Shadowmoon Valley (Alliance) or Frostfire Ridge (Horde). You can teleport to these locations by portal in Stormwind City (Portals Isle) or Orgrimmar (Portals Cliff) you will see small Dark Portal there. If you want to try to do this quest line anyway then try to unstuck on Firestorm Account page or also suicide of character sometimes helps. Kind regards, @Tigd
  5. Hello @lilQoplly. You should have portal set to "legion.logon.firestorm-servers.com", not to EU. "We couldn't log you in with what you just entered" means that you use bad login credentials (account email or password). #Default "Firestorm.wtf" inside of "WTF" folder: SET portal "legion.logon.firestorm-servers.com" SET textLocale "enUS" SET audioLocale "enUS" Kind regards, @Tigd
  6. Hello @fiber87 You should get only soulbound items copied from your bags & backpack, You should get all items copied from bank & void storage. Kind regards, @Tigd
  7. Hello @hypnosis575, You removed WTF folder so you do not have Firestorm.wtf file with realmlist. Here you can download Firestorm.wtf for Sylvanas, put it to your Legion WTF folder. Kind regards, @Tigd
  8. @Klenb No problem, you are welcome! By the way when you see population Incompatible that means that realm is starting / restarting.
  9. @Peacebringer I answered you already in your Technical Support topic.
  10. @DRAGONxNOGARD Blizzard already released them on Legion so players can acquire them and they will continue journey in Battle for Azeroth.
  11. Don't you have some other apps running which use a lot of network? Some time ago there were option to set proxy for better latency on Firestorm Account page but it seems like it was removed.
  12. Hello @Klenb. Do you have full game? If you not then files are downloaded during play and that increases ping enough to have lags. Kind regards, @Tigd
  13. Great!
  14. @JorodyDreaming No problem, you are welcome! I liked to help you with your issue.
  15. Hello @WorrCZ. Do not worry about your heirlooms. Mail received stays in your mailbox for 30 days. After the expiry period, the mail is returned to the sender. If the mail comes from the Auction House, a quest NPC, or anything similar, it is simply discarded and any item or money attached to it is lost. So you should get your heirlooms after ~1 month. Kind regards, @Tigd