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  1. @Anemya No problem, you are welcome.
  2. I like to help you @BMYani.
  3. Problem with realm-wide PvP Templates will be that when you are in Raid/Dungeon you will not be able to use trinkets/rings/necklaces (which are useable) anymore.
  4. @adiel1212333 No, realm is still online.
  5. Have Fury Warrior for more than one year and have only one legendary http://www.wowhead.com/item=137087/najentuss-vertebrae. But if you are good then you do not need any legendary but it is very good item-level boost.
  6. Hello @Stavros. Please try to: move your WoW: WoD folder to "%userprofile%\Documents", run Wow.exe from WoW: WoD folder instead of launching game by Firestorm Launcher, run Wow.exe as administrator. (Next time try to take ScreenShot on your computer by clicking prt sc or PrintScreen button on your keyboard and then paste it to your MSPaint program and upload it here on forum.) Kind regards, @Tigd
  7. Hello @Anemya. As @MerkavaMurderer mentioned visit WoW CurseForge AddOns page and download AddOns with version 7.1.5-7.3.5 which should properly work on Firestorm Legion realms. If you are looking for DeadlyBossMods AddOn which works on Firestorm Legion realms then visit [DBM] Firestorm - Deadly Boss Mods [7.1.5/7.3]. Kind regards, @Tigd
  8. Hello @BMYani. Try to visit Scouting Map in your Class Hall from where you can start Legion quest lines. As I noticed you are not first who miss Khadgar in Dalaran for Azsuna. But for other quest lines Khadgar should spawn in Dalaran after you start one of them (except Azsuna one). Kind regards, @Tigd
  9. Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm & Mists of Pandaria use SET realmlist instead of SET portal.
  10. Or just turn on PvP Templates for everybody who has PvP enabled.
  11. Hello @Shylotus. If you think that something is bugged please report it to Firestorm Bugtracker. Quest is already reported here: Report ID 52307 (Garrosh). Kind regards, @Tigd
  12. @luxeon123 They often do maintenance during week days instead of weekend but it is good for me. At least you can play then.
  13. Hello @MerkavaMurderer. There is no announcement post with strick ETA, so we have to wait. Time when maintenance will be finished is unknown. Check continuously Firestorm Realms page to see when server is online. Kind regards, @Tigd
  14. Hello @budhho. You should get your reward in the end of the season on Sylvanas realm. There will be announcement about end of the season on Sylvanas and Greymane realms posted on the forum. Kind regards, @Tigd