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  1. It is not only Alliance problem there. In some battlegrounds I cannot win against Alliance because of Healers. Most of BGs which I play we (Horde) don't have healers on our side. Focusing thing is another problem. If you are only lucky you get battleground mates of your dreams. I know what you mean because my main is Alliance char.
  2. @Adrian Here you go: DBM-FSM-Sylvanas.zip Kind regards, @Tigd
  3. I think all are, except Isle of Conquest and Alterac Valley because they do not worth it. Alterac Valley is very easy (was easy on Warlords of Draenor as well). Isle of Conquest is little bugged, I mean engines (demolishers, etc.)
  4. Hello @Itchycz. Please follow steps from here: Firestorm Technical Error Guides - Mailbox. Kind regards, @Tigd
  5. Hello @PlayToy. Content seems to be updated same for both realms maybe except PvE (dungeons, raids) for Greymane. So I think class halls are same on both realms. What is your problem with Class Halls? Kind regards, @Tigd
  6. @Rugarr. This announcement is for Garrosh realm (Mists of Pandaria), on Sylvanas (Legion) it is closed.
  7. Title: [Legion] During "Assault on Thunder Totem" WQ Type: In-game Description:  Hello there. Can you please do Flight Master and Innkeeper available during this World Quest? Thank you. Kind regards, @Tigd
  8. Hello @DRAGONxNOGARD. What you mean? If you posted something on bugtracker of course you can write something new to bug report when you found some important news (addition to relevant bug report) about bug. Kind regards, @Tigd
  9. Hello @DaveDvd321. When you find Quest which is bugged please report it to Firestorm Bugtracker (describe bug issue and also you can write how to possibly fix it). Remember that this is not Retail/Official WoW server, not all have to work same way as it is on Retail/Official WoW servers. (This is well-know issue but it is not that easy to fix, you can find everything on Wowhead so it is not that bad.) Kind regards, @Tigd
  10. @issaeisa. Thx, I noticed that but I do not want to relog everytime when I want to leave queue.
  11. @Misahky / @Hearts 🙏 Please fix it as soon as possible. It is terrible. It happened again. I was not in BG I only left queue (I mean without pop-up join BG window) and got 15 minutes deserter. (Was playing Pandaren Mage, Horde side.) Kind regards, @Tigd
  12. Hello @Norflake. Try to do unstuck which @firebowyolo mentioned if it does not help you then try to suicide your character. Kind regards, @Tigd
  13. @AmanarPK I think it is not done/fixed well as much as fury & protection spec is. In Beta everybody was playing Arms because Fury was something similar as Arms is now. Then everybody has switched to Fury because this spec is doing bigger damage. I liked to play Arms warrior but not more here on Firestorm-Sylvanas. Do you remember how many players were playing Outlaw rogue until it was fixed? Now mostly everybody is playing Assassination spec because it does bigger damage in PvE as well.
  14. I agree with @Magisterx & @Prime. I also got 5 minutes deserter only for that I left queue.
  15. Hello @Snowhard. You can appeal your suspension here. Kind regards, @Tigd