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  1. Hellow dear gms i would like to know if is posible to add again in shop twink items like , ,,,, wich where removed by some misterious things.
  2. Hello dear gms so what proper happened ,I loged my monk and did some arenas and after i got banned, for unknow reason can someone of us explain me pls that , i didn't found nothing on forum , so please tell me what is reason for bann and proofs if u got , cuz is stupidly bann player for nothing thanks
  3. ok thx . but on monk i have this title and he was only 2400, EDIT: The interesting thing is when i join bg/arena thye apear again
  4. lol what u mean i didnt do recquired ? i was 2700 at 2vs2 and 2300 at 3vs3 , and on some alts 2400+
  5. i have a problem with my titles they disapeared ,but all time when i hoin bg or arena they apear again