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  1. There is reason why there are factions, ofc there will be downsides, problem is u are just stupid like everyone else who thinks this is good idea. Also there are other ways to do factions balances. For example they can make faction change from horda to ally free for a week or somthing, and only free from horda to ally, i belive they did it once on wod long time ago whan ally was more played faction.
  2. ''and have cap'' I just hope this is poorly worded, i dont see why would u have cap of 1800 rate, only reward u have now in arena is geting high rating and pushing r1, seting cap for it will remove that reward and everyone would be able to get it. Also agree with cara, just reset everyone to 0. Too many problems will happen if u reset to 1800, mmr, players geting upset and so on. But reseting to 0 is more fair for everyone.
  3. I got ring from kj 915ilvl warforged, today whan i logged it droped to 890ilvl, no idea how this bug happend, probably somthing with debug mode,but gms wanst able to help and kept asking me for screenshot for evidance, whan u clearly can see in screenshot i linked it cant be lower than 910, on mine it says warforged so i aint lying whan i said it was 915ilvl... so i hope this gets fixed or replaced for players that experienced this bug. https://imgur.com/a/KPNsnTy
  4. Oha drama discord :3
  5. ''There was a small problem when downloading files on the realms: Icecrown, Deathwing and Sylvanas. This problem caused the loading of characters without inventory and equipment from the players. We are aware of this. The servers are rebooted to solve the problem. Do not worry, absolutely nothing is lost.''
  6. It isnt erased, i took it all. My gear now TriHard
  7. She was right, I'm here.
  8. I dont mind this feature on server at all, if it supports server im fine with that, but what i mind is when u put items that dont exist in game. One of those items is trinket ''Unstable Arcanocrystal''. This item can titanforge to 875 max (drops from Withered Jim), i saw guy and i bet other ppl seen em too with 885 hc warforged or even higher, well technically it exist in game,but it cant get that high ilvl and cant be hc cuz its world boss drop. but there are other items like this. I know firestorm wont deal with this issue, but its worth a try. Love me <3
  9. also, im a bird.
  10. google what sarcasm is, if it wasnt i would not use ''off-topic''
  11. i wanted to make new char,but i noticed somthing,there are only two genders in character creation, pls fix
  12. they aint asking for an eta, they are asking what ilvl increases will be for.
  13. Dear admins, my friend Awox is really cute guy but somthing is missing when i look at him. Yea thats right, he is missing felbat. Please give him his felbet. Alos it was his birthday 2 days ago. :3