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  1. You can easy unstuck on web site ...
  2. Make a report on bug tracker if you thing its bug.
  3. Or just Simple restart chat click Rights mouse button on general and press restart Works all the time for me.
  4. Sejfero kiedy jest będziesz na discordzie bo smutno mi bez twego głosu heheheheheh
  5. Ja miałem przerwę 7 miesięcy syn mi się urodził hehe
  6. Dodaj mnie na website stronie i daj namiary na jakiś głosowy chat to sobie wejdę i pogadamy 😁😊😋😎
  7. Elo moje kochane mordy gracie jeszcze?
  8. Do you got any pet? For me works fine.
  9. Stupid joke dude ....
  10. Wtf you are trolling about ?
  11. PVE and PVE is same there is no difference Lol (noob)
  12. If you got so much problem with find ppl to play that mean some thing is wrong but not with game but with you. Probably you are bad in what you do that why you need so much time to LFP. And by thy way this is PvE server so don't expect that you will get good gear in PvP then PvE it will make no sense. And you can play PvP with PvE gear, no one care so much about PvP gear here ( just you). P.s. instead of posting garbage like fix this fix that I don't like this and that make some post in Suggestion section ( if you got any) If some thing is annoyed you make topic in bug tracker explain the story with problem.
  13. Garrison Ford don't work for all of us. Just work for ppl who create characters in legion, if you transfer from wod you will get bugged garrison Hope they will fix soon that crap so we all can enjoyed garrison.
  14. aim VIP and i need to wait WTF can you tell me?