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  1. you really joke about these sculls per forum, every honor I understand guys it's not easy to do, correct mistakes update no one who did not work does not know what to do, so you as an older player and sometimes a GM gonna drop a cap, and it stops all beautiful. Are you aware that the server works at about 2% regular as a Blanket you are aware that no clas halls are working, please address this problem and it really really fast, you need to open new bosses but do not even open BFA before but fix Legion in the literal sense of that word. Thank you for being honored and at the same time critical enough, dedicate yourself to the present
  2. epic work nice gj =)
  3. bravooo, just so ahead, time is for the professions and for the quests in clas hall
  4. here I have to open this discussion topic because after a couple of years of playing on this server, we have great problems regarding the Latinos population.Over the last few months there are more people who have complaints about their (latinos) playing in bg, I have nothing against them really people are good, good friends but as pvp players are very bad..because it is so, I really do not know, since the very beginning of my playing at 1.21. (Alpha wow) peko tbc my friends latinosi had a problem playing pvp..we tried everything, directly in bg shows him how to play pvp in co-operation with allincom, stop the attacks and show how to play pvp but never did..maybe it is a problematic language or something else I do not know but we certainly have a problem, people openly complain to other servers and you with Boris give them even more incentive to work new heroes, and without this knowledge in pvp and now with a bad gear the situation is even worse .I know the big crowd known on this server but we need to do something to learn the game pvp, maybe some events in the drifting arena that gm and others in charge explain in their language how to fight in bg..what are the priorities, what to do dps 1 in bg who needs dps in bg etc etc, do not realize this post as something bad against you but really this is a bit too much with your 50 year old I've seen on WoW but people have been flipped fake for pvp, maybe you switch the game just pvp, i do not know, try but do not join the bg if you really do not know what to do,I do not stop spamming in bg dps helars defesn base, the cap flag, so much that I started to divine myself as I have nerves, people are nervous and all the sayings are waiting for you, so we need a solution that would please everyone, and let's talk about somebody raisim because it's nonsense here we are trying to help you play bad pvp. P.S. sorry for my bad typing in England in my time did not learn english in schools, thank you again and i hope you get it.
  5. Many people are sorry that this is a difficult and long-lasting job, and very unfortunate we all want to go now and now that everything works but it does not go so well on the server servers, thanks to you for the present state and for future repairs and updates