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  1. So I'm doing that quest and have everything exept Musken Hide, and every possible drop either is not even there or is not possible to skin them, do u know how can I get it or if it is not possible to do that quest ??
  2. So when I log in I can see only black background and can t see my characters or even click enter world, what should I do ??? some1 pls help me
  3. So when I m trying ro start firestorm launcher it stops in that little window and still showing looking for update, it is like that probably 10 minutes and still nothing. What should I do ???
  4. But now I can t even get to que, It just says that u were disconnected
  5. So I just started WOW and login, it showed up window that I m 600. in que, so what is going on?? I never show anything like that before on this server
  6. No if that was hackers or anonymous then they hide their IP and changed it for his own IP so they would not find anything in check logs
  7. I m wondering why always younger brother ?? I never saw that younger sister is couse why some1 get banned. And try found some new excuse why u were banned this one is old and no1 will believe that, try something like my dog did that or some1 hacked my acc, I would rather believe that then, that your younger brother did that cuz I saw that excuse like 1M times
  8. U can get just 7 AK from q
  9. Ok I fixed it by Character unstucking
  10. SO I m DH and when I want to open Artifack Weapon with Shift+ Right Click it don't work It just made weapon icon grey, what should I do, or how can I fix it ??? And also I can t open that forge where u can upgrade traits
  11. So why u cant reset instances in Outland when everywhere else u can?? And if u somehow can then how ???
  12. So I transfered my char from MoP to Legion and character didn't appeared on Legion, so do it take some time or wjat is going on with that ??
  13. Is there any way how to get to top of that tower to continue the raid cuz that dragon who should take u up is not working, so is there any possibility to get up there any other way ??
  14. Will Veridis Fallon be fixed it is not possible to buy things from him or not even open his buy menu, so I just ask if it will be ever fixed ?? Thx for answers.