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  1. i agree splaaack, and what about those who work weekends on top of that.. so if we aren't able to play during the weekend, and we are not a "inactive player" we get nothing at all?'s so wrong that loyal players get jack sht, while u reward the unloyal. too me it just looks like you want more people buying from shop tbh
  2. and while i'm here, The length this guy was allowed to spam world, annoy players, and hack. without any gm doing anything is not on.
  3. I have watched the same guy flying around sw using a hack program of some sort, while spamming in world in blue text. Do you guys even have ingame staff?. char name: msitwin realm: grommash Evidence found attached...
  4. on top of that the poisons are removing their self before the 60m duration...