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  1. Not greedy but 17 gold coins seems as a pointless gift without buying extra coins.
  2. you need to flag your self as pvp in order to deal damage at pvp flagged player, also you need to flag your self pvp in order to heal.... if you check at servers legion beta have "pvp" description....
  3. The legendary quest named "A Test of Valor" is bugged and doesn't work, i m waiting more than 2 months in order to do it but nobody of devs seems to care about, I know that there is a bugtracker but nobody cares to check it and there are already 3 reports unanswered there, since it is high priority about progression you should check it out....
  4. I would like to suggest to make 90 lvl boost available for vote points also.
  5. it is really funny cause Noxxic and Icyveins say exactly the same thing as you do
  6. It does dude, haste cap is 41% at 569 not at 535, that means you have to treat mastery and crit in order to gain more dps....
  7. your haste is 41% but what about mastery and critical?
  8. After some time here i realized that if someone writes something bad at /s or world you will ban him, if a person /w something bad to a player you just say to ignore him, i want to understand your logic about this but i can't i'm free to insult anyone at /w but if i do it public i'm getting banned? This is build a hypocritic behavior among the players and a not healthy condition, at rules you said you will not tolerate with any kind of sexism/racism toward to any player. Please think about it.
  9. We are few members that migrated from other server with some members that was already playing here, current members of guild have raid experience and we want more people to start raids and progress(we don't care if you are pvp geared), i forgot to mention that we are english speaking and we leveling guild. We recruit all classes and specs. Minimum requirements: Good and friendly behavior. Recommended requirements:90 lvl, pvp pieces 522. We are focused more for raids like Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar. Here are some videos from other server:
  10. I made this post to express my dissappointment about an Issue that happened to one of my guildmates, some days ago a conversation started at world chat about religions and stuff like this. She have mentioned things that actually happen at specific countries without to name them and she said that she cares about those actions not the religion of people that do that actions and she banned without showing any hate toward to those people, cause a person that doesn't even belong in that group thought that specific persons will get insulted, but facts can insult people that knowing them? I don't think that is racism to talk about facts, while all knowing that their laws are unfair toward women and human rights, the only persons that really insults this group of people are people from the same group when they do crimes in the name of their god and they take on advantage the faith of their people. If someone mentions that nazis killed a lot of people this is considered as an insult for a german? Or Germans must get insulted cause nazis was Germans? I respect and support the fact that you have strict rules toward racism but please be more careful about the differences of racism and facts
  11. lifeblood

    i saw this post , Abie talks about lifeblood a skill provided by herbalism and gives haste to the player and a small healing and also grow flowers to help player and as i know it was allowed at retail arenas and wasn't a bug or exploit, cause i know that you want to keep mop blizzlike.
  12. i would like to suggest adding tyrannical vendor for cosmetic issues.
  13. @Hypnos i would agree if rule wasn't like it is, i know what cheat engine can do, but i think it could be better to be mentioned at rules that is forbidden to used for any use cause it can be comfused by legendary mogs that made from players, at the beginning i was thought that people were using cheat engine to achieve it and while it is not mentioned somewhere about mog anyone can comfuse it. @Mistix stop pure drama pal, don't compare things that are uncomparable, do you know that addons and macros are considered as third party programs? there are many addons and macros that give advantage to players... As about the questions blizzard doesn't create addons and macros, private servers neither, curse is a site that i can upload whatever addon i like it doesn't mean that it is safe source...
  14. As Gms from other servers said to me and Astarti(the one that banned by misunderstanding and i learned this) cheat engine mogging doesn't affect server's stability. But again is at your hand to make it clear that is forbidden to players or add more options to mog-masters npcs.
  15. I want to make a suggestion about rules, today i learned that mogging with cheat engine is banable but is not at rules, as i know many private servers allowing players to mog with cheat engine cause it doesn't make any advantage over other players, my suggestion is to put even visual effects at description to make it more clear for players, someone that joins and sees that legendary are moggable can easy misunderstand and use cheat engine with confidence that is right like my gf. thank you. Section VI - Hacking Rules Use of Third Party Programs: Using a third-party program or modification to gain advantage over other players. This includes speed hacking, fly hacking, multi-boxing etc Punishments: First offence: 1 day account suspension Second offence: 15 day account suspension Third+ offence: 30 day account suspension