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  1. @Criste I don't recall what suggestions I brought up. Was a long time ago and I stopped bring up ideas to the developers cause they don't care about any ones ideas. Yes, I understand the concept of voting to support the server, however that only gets a certain amount of support. Lots of players won't vote if there wasn't anything in it for them. Instead, they would play for free and not give any sort of support at all. @Isán Kendall I disagree with you. Making money isn't that easy cause not everyone wants the things that are being sold unless you want to rip yourself off and sell your items for dirt cheap. I am not begging for gold either, so stop assuming things. Just makes you look stupid. I was merely stating that there should be better vote rewards. I am not saying that the online shop should sell the BEST gear either. Also, I don't need to hear your whining about your private server experiences. I never said ANYTHING about having a bot in game that sells ALL items, noob. ALSO, if you don't like how players want rewards for voting, then go play Retail.
  2. @Criste you are right, it is my responsibility, but I tend to break the rules from time to time and the GM's well....get butthurt =). @Abie Something roughly around that could be nice for poor players/new players. @Demien88 I agree with you too, making suggestions isn't worth mentioning on this server. Many great ideas have been brought up, even I brought up some...and in the end...are always turned down. It is disappointing, but it is the servers loss. I also agree, the armor for votes is a joke xD. I believe votes for gear around MAYBE "Timeless Isles" status could be good. But as I said, maybe =).
  3. Well, to each their own on the matter and if you don't like reading these threads...then remember, it was by YOUR choice to read them. Also, what is the point in voting if there is nothing there to enjoy those votes with? I can make gold ingame, I just didn't want to have to do it. Hell, I have 22 characters and MOST professions maxed...however, it gets highly obnoxious to farm material and to craft somethings that sell for cheap. What is the point in that? I don't see what you said as being rude and honestly even if you were...I don't really give a crap, lol.
  4. I feel that there isn't anything worth using vote points on anymore. Can't buy gold, can only buy mounts and generic pets and even the equipment that IS available with votes it only iLevel 470 (Weaker then the craftable Blue Malevolent gear.....which is cheater then dirt now). About the only thing worth using them on involves re-rolling your characters name, appearance, faction, bags (Overly priced), heirlooms (Can level up without them), weapon transmorgs (Worth it if you are too lazy to farm for them), and Crafting Material (Again, for those too lazy)....and that is about it. So, add more things of interest or usefulness so it would be more worth it to vote here. Like re-adding buyable gold with votes again... As it is now, I think I am done supporting this server with votes, sorry.
  5. I believe there should be a way to reset old quests (Levels 1-60, maybe some level 70) that the player turned in, MAINLY the ones that were bugged that have a transmorg that can ONLY be acquired from the specific quest. I bring up this idea cause there are a couple quests that have transmorgs I want...but I can't get now cause the quest is already completed and I absolutely REFUSE to delete my characters just to get the quests again (SCREW THAT!) and I am sure there are other players with the same issue.So, give players the option to re-acquire these quests.
  6. on my Mage "Angelofpain"
  7. I did the quest "Frederick's Fish Fancy" ( so that I could get a pair of Pants as a transmorg and when I turn the quest in, I didn't get anything (Except the Infectis Puffer Sashimi) and the quest is now I can't do anything about it. I want my "Infectis Incher Leggings" Pants....please give them to me.