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  1. Ever heard of Armor? Of course its doing less damage than it shows if someone has 20-40% damage reduction. You can't just deal flat damage to HP
  2. Looking forward to the merge! I'd also like to have someone monitor the world chat aswell maybe some moderator who would kick the spammers or something and to keep it clean from vulgar language... The reply I've been getting "its wow, what do you expect" is kind of disappointing. Yes, it is WoW, thats why it shouldn't be an environment for such a language.
  3. Hello, I'm Elk, a 25 years old guy from Austria that just joined the server to check the state of WoD Emulation and the expansion in general! Usually I'm Alliance but my first character here is fighting for the Horde. I am liking the server so far, also very friendly people Sidequestion; Does anyone know how to change ones Avatar? It's saying I'm not allowed to edit my Profile lol. Looking very forward to explore more things and to be playing with you! Regards, Elk