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  1. Or just lag spike by server.
  2. Yes we miss you too habibi :*
  3. Thank you and @Blatancyfor these kind words I miss those days, God. It helped me so much in real bullshitcrap life. And the guildies were the best laugh i had online. It will never be the same again. Definitely I will not come back, just started retail on EU and it goes really good with these new random plebs (Lots of females too, you're welcome :P) And many others are on retail US, ofc. I miss youuuuuuuuuuuu
  4. Who was that smart and took my guild???? I will not argue about this, this is totally not fair due to you guys knew i will be back. ONE online player logging once in a month took it? @Inveric
  5. Many I hanged out with left saw them online while I was logging monthly to check on what's up, who's married, who got epilepsy, who did overdose and stuff, but I am still hearing things from the oldest gang, about what's going on now. And for Ice I hear a lot, I'm happy for his turned out things IRL and about many others, I'll never leave completely How are you, Imi? I'm on retail from now BTW
  6. Yessssss exactly my point. No developments here mind wise, with same people involved. Don't you worry about this story if you don't know what I was talking about. :*
  7. I am very happy that names of my characters are still so fun in the game and mentioned in private chats. Special thanks to Tuathe making my chest really big and adorable to men eyes. Will be back soon with loggings just to say hi to you too. Where them old players at, though? Actually I am very happy that many of them moved on from here. Thanks for your time. Totally off topic, riiiigggghhhhttttt?:)
  8. new playlist for when I start playing again, soon ?
  9. Banned silverTwins cus I find his name is talking about female chest* x.x
  10. I just came to brag ?????
  11. Won't argue at all with guys who are still trying hard from their chairs on scripted server. Take care
  12. If anyone asked, or ask in the nearest future; This ubnormal, stressed, and pain in the ass of the girl is going on Malta to work her ass off and to party still a little bit, and in October goes to work in Dubai or Qatar, for Sephora company. Why did I got this chance? Why will they pay my Visa, flight ticket, apartment, food and why will I even have a pocket money.... And to have awesome salary... Because I played these stupid online games for almost 14 years!!!!!!! And I have learned damn English, and British, and when they heard me on Exit Festival how am I speaking, they said they have to take me there. All the things you heard about Muslims there; It is not safe, it is not all ideal. Nowhere is. Work on yourselves, asses. Love you. Also, thanks to every Game Master that was at the time when I did stuff with my Monk Edgie
  13. Ostarion's reporting of all the spells on him, our battles in groups in BGs and getting mad on PvE.... Brangy's not giving a fuck, but always horny.... Lolofek's confusion... Worm's tripping... Gaitros's following and flirting and trolling... Symaro's irony and sarcasm... Friend when needed for RL stuff... Spotz's aka Jaja's lols, friendship, love... Suga...That chill... Skyplus's logic, patience, trolling, friendship... James's love and lust.... And Serghio...... Sergiusz... That one i will never see or hear, but will always be in my heart for many reasons... And everyone else from the Roasted Tauren... Thank you for being there for me and for everyone from the guild... You changed me and kept me from depression and mental disorders from RL shit that I've been through... I know i could act like a bitch and an idiot and narcissistic douchebag and thanks to everyone who thought its silly and cute, when i rage on TS... Many tried to change me, but people see and do what they want/need when it's the right time for it.... All in all... Will be loved and missed.
  14. Every morning this kind of music is waiting for me to hear on FB messenger <3 And this girl makes me happy every time with links