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  1. Dear Developers, One month ago we reported the bug with the Frozen Orb. This is a critical bug, because everytime when a Frost Mage cast Frozen Orb in the Battleground, many Player got crash instantly and could not return to the Battleground anymore. There are so many players who does not know, that Frozen Orb will make the game crash and use it coincidally. Please fix it as soon as possible because this is Bug even has a real negative impact for other players (Got crashed 5 times a day during BG!!!) Its already in the Bugtracker: Greets
  2. This is not racism this is only a fact and no offense to you latin guys. But so many time i told someone from Sombraluna to defend etc. cuz the goal of a BG for most of the people is to win END. Guys from Sombraluna are offending me and told me things like that "Look at your kills and your DPS"... THIS IS ANOYING YOU CANT PLAY SERIOUS BG ANYMORE. cuz they only go for kill and damage...
  3. More disturbing are the spanish and latin people who just join BG to kill as much they can. You tell them what to do and they just ignore you or dont understand you. THIS IS WAY MORE ANOYING!!!
  4. Its good i play on Grommash too and for me its not disturbing when people from tournament play with us. Sure they need not to farm the blue gear like us but this wont make any unbalanced at all...
  5. Well dear community as we now since 2 weeks the Box of Korlok is empty (bugged) and this is quite stressfull for Hordes and Alliance lowies because they could not equip them fast and have to que into Battleground and cuz they have no gear they ruin the Gameplay for both side. I wrote this Bug already on the Bugtracker but what is your opinion fix it fast or let it be?
  6. So there will be NO new PVP Gear or?