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  1. Now before you hate me, let me explain. Pros of Boris: - Skips the leveing part for a new character. " WhY wOuLd I lEvEl iN tHiS bUgGeD sErVeR?" - Saves you time so you can get to do the same repetitive process in this game faster (mythics, since pvp is crap) Here's my problem. Leveling is part of the investment you need to make in order to get the end-game reward in any mmo. Give the prize to everybody for free and you get more and more players (the hell, who doesn't want free stuff?). The problem is the quality of those boris players. As we know, wow is getting more simple and child-friendly with every single expansion, i bet my 5 year old autistic brother can handle some of the classes. Leveling is by no means meant to be difficult in terms of mechanics and 110-120 is more then enough to learn how a class is being played. The thing is that leveling is the reason some of the more immature players get bored and quit (yes, even x3 exp is still "too slow" for some people). That is why boris is removing this natural filter for bad players. So here's the question: quality or quantity? If you want less jajas in your battlegrounds, if you want people to actually pick up the flags and if you want people that have at least two brain cells in raid and dungeon activities, then boris should be removed. Make it harder, so that those players give up before reaching end game content. Ofcourse, as well all know this is Firestorm, money is before everything, so I don't even have the slightest of hope that this server would choose quality over quantity, this is just some thoughts i wanted to write down and give you guys an answer on why "this sever is full of noobs".
  2. Hello. Is there an addon that blocks spanish and russian language from the chat? Like whenever a spanish/russian player writes something I just don't see it? Something like this - , but for spanish and russian. This would make the game 10 times more enjoyable for me PLEASE
  3. I love messing around with the models, having fun making them custom and the way i like. From 7.1.5, however, nothing seems to be working. Any idea if it's just me or it's for everyone? And maybe a possible fix?
  4. Hello there, since i can't post in the technical support selection for some reason guess i'll try here. So i am currently running Ubuntu 16.04 and would like to play on this server with that OS. I am a beginner with Linux so there's a huge chance i did something wrong and an bigger chance i missed doing something. So I installed my graphics card driver along with all the other drivers I need. I tried running the firestorm launcher through Wine, but my FPS never goes above 10 medium to low game requirements (and this is in a zone where there are not much people and i should have more fps). When i played it on my Win10 i used to have 50-60 fps at all times, at even higher in game graphics and stuff. Any way to make it if not excellent, at least playable on Ubuntu? I asked in world chat a few times and found a few players that are also running it on Linux os, saying it runs even better then on Ubuntu so i am sure it's possible to achieve. Any help will be greatly appreciated. And again, i am a beginner with this os so if possible, please comment on a language that i will understand, thank you very much.