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  1. Hello. Is there an addon that blocks spanish and russian language from the chat? Like whenever a spanish/russian player writes something I just don't see it? Something like this - , but for spanish and russian. This would make the game 10 times more enjoyable for me PLEASE
  2. I love messing around with the models, having fun making them custom and the way i like. From 7.1.5, however, nothing seems to be working. Any idea if it's just me or it's for everyone? And maybe a possible fix?
  3. Hello there, since i can't post in the technical support selection for some reason guess i'll try here. So i am currently running Ubuntu 16.04 and would like to play on this server with that OS. I am a beginner with Linux so there's a huge chance i did something wrong and an bigger chance i missed doing something. So I installed my graphics card driver along with all the other drivers I need. I tried running the firestorm launcher through Wine, but my FPS never goes above 10 medium to low game requirements (and this is in a zone where there are not much people and i should have more fps). When i played it on my Win10 i used to have 50-60 fps at all times, at even higher in game graphics and stuff. Any way to make it if not excellent, at least playable on Ubuntu? I asked in world chat a few times and found a few players that are also running it on Linux os, saying it runs even better then on Ubuntu so i am sure it's possible to achieve. Any help will be greatly appreciated. And again, i am a beginner with this os so if possible, please comment on a language that i will understand, thank you very much.