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  1. Alliance English speaking guild Limitless recruiting ppl of all lvl and nationality for our (atm) leveling guild, that will become strong PvP force and leading PvE guild on BFA realm. 🏹 Join now to our casual environment and friendly fellas, who will help you improve your skillz and side by side dominate the endgame! 💪 We have Discord channel, and soon DPS system. --- Contat any of officiers --- ⛏️ Paladin CL - Shubì ⛏️ Warrior CL- Støja ⛏️ Mage CL - MageIceshards
  2. in last 60 mins I have just LOST 2 x items 860 lvl from 2 diferent world bosses: Cloak from world boss Withered J'im TODAY @ 16:00 server time, as soon as i rolled bonus roll server vent down, than logged back to kill Levantus before the quest run out (1 hrs left) and got RELIC (today @16:57) BUT again server went down! Now I dont have either CLOAK / RELIC or ANY of 2 x WORLD QUESTs on the map = no loot chance for next 7 days!! Please Firestorm, check your database and give me my 860 ilvl items BACK. I had NO LOOT for 4 weeks in a row , and when I finnaly got luck, you took it from me Realm: Sylvanas (Legion 7.1.5) Character: Schubi (110 Human Hunter) Boss: Withered J'im ( Item LOST: Drape of the Mana-Starved ( and: Boss: Levantus ( Item LOST: Fel-Scented Bait SCREENSHOTS: I rly hope you will restore my 2 items, Thanks for understeanding!
  3. Same happen to me. :*( On my main I killed the CLONE, the Boss was " gray " and NO LOOT, but World quest GET COMPLETED = got saved for this week. ... but on DH alt (I dont even play) first try I got 860 ilvl head Q_Q
  4. Realm: Sylvanas (7.0.3) Character: Shubi
  5. I come to Auction House to sell item: Teebu's Blazing Longsword ( When I put item, and click on "Create Auction" - I get the RED message on mid of screen: "The item was not found.", and you can see it in my bag.. I try to relog, to resend item to other character etc - but nothing help. What's going on?