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  1. the population in main noire is very low, and even grommash has a low population, there is no way to find people to do dungeons with. i started playing in sombraluna and there are a lot of people there but no one understands english so raids will be impossible. since french people generally can actually understand english (i'm french myself, Moroccan actually but we speak french there), why not merge main noire and grommash?
  2. i have a simple idea that will not only encourage people to play through the game with 1x xp rates but will also make it worthwhile. the idea is: - if someone chooses an xp rate of 1: he will get 5x loot drop rate (uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, money(gold)) - if someone chooses an xp rate of 3: 3x drops - if someone chooses an xp rate of 5: 1x drops
  3. i guess downloading the whole game would make it work better, can i download the wow circle client? would it work with the firestorm launcher
  4. download speeds are really really slow for me and it's not my internet connection. it takes 5 minutes to download the map. 1 hour or 2 to enter the game, 30 minutes to download npcs, i'm not the only one experiencing this problem