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  1. I like the idea of bringing something back on WoD, had a lot of fun playing there, for better or worse. Sad to see the server in this condition... Unfortunately this is not the best moment to try to resurrect it due to BfA launch and overall hype. Firestorm staff abandoned the server long time ago, making it instant100 could help a little bit considering it's the only Wod server worth mentioning, but again, devs are busy fixing that BFA crap and simply don't care about it. I'm gonna download 6.2 back again, hope we can have some bg started. peace
  2. VIDEO ->
  3. Greetings I would like to address how buggy Strand of the Ancients currently is: -Siege machines don't fire damage, you just push the "1"button for the bomb and it does no damage whatsoever. -Bombs, as a last resort, don't work too. using this deals no damage. -There is currently a bug that makes people mysteriously immune to CC at the very beginning of the battle -><- -There is another game-breaking bug: hitting a demolishers makes your resource spenders (chi, combo points, holy power etc.) unlimited, so you can spam your heavy hitters like a train until the enemy flops to the ground, not funny at all. -><- It is technically impossible to break through defensive walls in this condition, and even if you try it you get destroyed due to those others damage bugs, making the gameplay feel clunky and very annoying. Please close this buggy BG until you have time to fix these HUGE problems I hope this gets attention from other PvP players and PvP devs, wanna hear your ideas too, because in my opinion once you join SOTA you know your next 15 minutes will be 100% a waste of time.
  4. nope
  5. Totally situational, you might get a good team and stomp the other faction's one with a 6 win streak or something, depends on the players you are matched with. Greymane 860 gear sucks balls, but I've also seen Sylvanas folks in BG's with no gear aswell.