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  1. Same problem...
  2. Ok. Much thanks, bro)
  3. I can't found the native Mac client on torrent trackers. It is possible to play native (without Wine&another emulators)? Thank you.
  4. Where is Mac OS X launcher? How I can play on OS X? Where I can download TBC client for Mac? Thanks.
  5. Thank you for answering.
  6. Does this function works?
  7. Hm... It's evening and disconnects comes again...
  8. It's all ok now. Server uptime is up to 8 hours!
  9. Disconnects gone. Now it's ok.
  10. Admins, developers, can you fix it?
  11. Why this server go down every 2 minutes? 6 times dc in 15 minutes. WTF?
  12. Oficial server have been updated to patch 6.2.4. And what about Firestorm?
  13. But I don't need this equip on PTR, it was missclick :(
  14. I agree with TC because I also have a problem with Boris:
  15. But they are not inactive. We played together last weekend