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  1. Thank you !!!
  2. Hi guys, i have one question if i log in to the WOD pop out a small window with connected, but if i click to the button in legion it show me only window but im not connencted to the server where is the problem ? Thanks!
  3. Thank you ! ?
  4. rideable animal ? for tauren ? i have kodo but something smaller or faster ?
  5. Sarah shan: but i need something to mount,,, , or any advice for easy to mount animal ? Mikrole: no i cant
  6. Hi i would like to complete the quest they grow up so fast but my small raptor doesnt follow me after i accepted the quest , raptor name should be in blue but my is green , whats the problem ? Any advice ? Pls helm me thx. Srry for my bad english!
  7. problem solved thx !
  8. I log in to the game and after 10 minutes automaticly log out and i get an error messege error 104? is very frustrating! any advice ?