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  1. we missing mage tower skin on shop , and legion transmog , and hidden artifact apperance
  2. ignore this post i already fix the issue , it turns out you have to open quest log and click complete quest which is one of the wierds stuff i ever see saw far
  3. same got tons of lag recently
  4. its okay since the senior gm said so , but can you tell us more about bug or how to do it ?
  5. for love of god how to unlock it ? i already friendly with two faction , i finish this quest , where it suppose to give me world quest but it only gave me item ( Flight Master's Whistle ) and i also have quest call ( The Kul Tiras Campaign ) it open me page of 3 choice i click on one nothing happen then as you can see down below ( 0/1 Choose a foothold ) but when i click on table nothing happen , but according to wowhead the kul tiras campaign is not required to unlock world quest , please i need help
  6. its only last thing is WOD no legion on bfa shop they always do previous expansion transmog whats happen ? also where is mage tower skin on shop ? same how mist of pandaria challenge already in shop
  7. Title: we need mage tower in BFA shop here is why Type: Shop Description:  when BFA launch nearly everyone will just jump ship from legion for BFA which means when you have new character you won't be able to do dungeon/raid to get enough gear to do mage tower because legion would have very small playerbase , so please i request we get it in bfa in shop same how we have mist of pandaria challenge gear exist in shop
  8. Bfa

    hi Kvintus , do you mind share the source ( bfa offical release in 2 month ) ? i could get it wrong but does that means it release in april ? , sorry kinda hype i hope you answer my question
  9. please add mage tower skins to BFA website shop
  10. nevermind i fix the issue
  11. xxxxx
  12. ignore what moderator said , we all got this issue too when we try to switch faction , i believe this system made by blizzard to stop people from switching and make sure they enter bad bg with bad players after he switch , another also reason is people who lose also switch but i don't believe this is the case cuz that means my next 2-3 bg with same faction could mean i win but i don't , i have been playing game since burning crusade and i believe firestorm got worst players in pvp i have ever seen in my entire life
  13. wish they nerf warrior , its in insane in bg and can kill people from 5 hits
  14. thats not only me thats every warlock i meet cannot use soulwell when you cast it nothing happen and it make very big effect in term of our team healing or enemy team healing
  15. you mean believer of becoming alpha male ? boi that won't happen to you