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  1. I understand that it is difficult to understand my writing in English
  2. One of GM's tried to help me, but because he said it was Bugg that he can not or may not remedy must be GM with a higher rank to do so, and he said that ticket to the game to make the Chipped or whatever gM or 3 days here waiting and nothing is cheap, or 2 months of waiting, I think it really makes no sense, a total of 3-4 cards I have already written to the forum
  3. This is first of all I must say that gm are poor can not wait for 2 months to fix such a bugg that I can not play, I understand that they do not care about bugs type that has Mount, etc., but these disappear sword and that I should pray to general to be a mercy to solve my problem, pathetic ...
  4. hah I tried to get back in the bag and put it again and nothing, I tried put in my bag while I go off again and go in and put on themselves did not, otherwise you can not order them to delete or throw whatever, I'm just wrong that GM could not answer the ticket for almost two days, this is what I got swords for DH that's not so important how much this is, in the end I got deserves bann I got deserves bann
  5. Yes I wrote a ticket waited all day yesterday middle of the night and today, and are not, so I got upset and started spamming the general and received a ban, very nice of you, I know I'm guilty of spam but I think how quickly you respond to a ticket that some lame bugg so good but it is such a bugg that can not be played
  6. Yeah, thanks, I wrote a ticket, I just wrote that sword disappeared
  7. anyone can help?
  8. Hello everyone, today I teleported to a map where I killed a couple of mobs and solve some Quest me that Quest did not take care of himself sent there and got him killed that someone dh i got swords for dh, and today another bagg switching to thin the fury i do not have a second hand mac off, I tried everything and relog and change arms at the same fury, etc. again here are a few pictures of it