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  1. xp

    there is angel npc in stormwind which sets your xp level to 1X/3X/5X, check it.
  2. it just doesnt work, i tried it, random dungeon finder and raid finder works, but the group finder doesnt
  3. lol that rage, can you write without caps so it is more readable?
  4. I would like to see it happen, the population is not problem, but i would like more interaction between alliance and horde in pve. What are the disadvantages of cross faction other than RP aspect? In pvp same situation remains, in pve/guild/questing/leveling etc. it is much better.
  5. not really, our good guy devs broke DHs, instead of fixes they simply anihilited dhs, look at critical strike stat or fury generation... pretty sad
  6. and you play druid, your point?
  7. I read some posts about increasing punishment time for those who break the rules. I think we should make a new channel named world_rage or something like that, here you can be all racist/sexist/troll you want. It is your responsibility to be here, if you feel offended just leave or deal with it. If you write on any other channel disrespectful, then increase the punishment greatly, like instead of mute to 1day bann. Also gms should advertise this change and the new channel. Obviously some players can not control themselves, but this way there is a channel where they can write as they wish without ruin the gameplay of others. what do you think about it?
  8. maybe report in bugtracker, i have seen several posts about disappeared items it must be a server wide problem and not person specific, fortunetly he/she had a screenshot, i read somewhere they have the log data about the items, so they can return the items in theory
  9. only on your one character? also have you checked mailbox?
  10. I just said how bad is p2w in shop, just check previous comment lol..
  11. It is normal. The game downloads while you are in-game, just play and eventually it will download everything.
  12. Old dalaran (north) is for lv 70-80, New dalaran is for lv 100-110, use uldum portal in stormwind (little island next to balloon icon) then walk there.. Or fly to booty Bay and use ship, or ask friends to summon you
  13. Yes
  14. Is soul shard generation normal? In pvp affliction warlocks all do is spamming UA on me
  15. the devs changed account bound mounts, so it is bound only to 1 character, so they can get more $$$.. same thing happened to my sandstone drake.., check flying in draenor post on forum