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  1. You might learn on this server that many things are broken, this quest included, sorry about that
  2. If your friend has heirloom gear, that increases experience gains, also, if your exp rate is lower than his, your gains will be lower (although you can change that in any major city)
  3. I know right #BanBoris
  4. Idk sorry, seriously could be an hour at the very least, could be a few hours, all depends on size of server and severity of the crash (permanent damage, etc)
  5. It's because Boris was on today and most likely crashed the server due to zerg rushing people trying to get instant 110, sorry
  6. #BanBoris seriously, I just wanted to get my emissaries done man
  7. My launcher just gets stuck on looking for an update now, whereas before I would launch Legion and be met with network data source error much like quoted screenshot
  8. You forgot one thing in the upcomings, the goddamn hype train
  9. I bought weapons on this server's shop for a couple characters on Sylvanas, to level easily with to actual Legion content (because I had played hours on WOD and had my characters deleted. And they are now not equippable until level 98, even though they had no item requirement for a time until today and still say they have no requirement in-game, and i just want to level easily and quickly until I get heirlooms, but now, after buying them they are unsusable
  10. I just wanted to know because I had so many character I legit levelled on their after tournament made it so you could only make level 100 characters, I just have seen the server offline for a while now and would much rather just know than speculate.