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  1. Hello i wanted to ask does anyone know how works mythic plus item drop works? Because im getting 865 items from 10+ mythics
  2. im trying to find help but even gm or dvelopers are ignoring on discord...
  3. same problem i cant connect to the server
  4. nope.. my friend can connect to the server..
  5. i tried and did nothing... im still stucked in "connecting" window
  6. atleast im not alone..
  7. Hello today i wanted to play wow.. but unfortunetly when i tried to log in it just showed me "connecting" window... Have someone found how to fix it? Have a nice day friends.
  8. oh thats a little bit sad because i hate pvp and i not good in pvp at all..
  9. Hello i want ask if legendary drop system is working.. Because some guy in guild told me that its only about the and some of the player cant even drop legendary because its bugged.
  10. Hello Today i wanted to download ElvUi addon but i cant find for 6.2.3 wow. So i want to ask if someone have link to download this addon. Thank you for helping me and have a nice day