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  1. Hi, I was gonna upgrade my astral trinket from 885 to 935 but trader Caelen didn't have repeatable quest to get primal obliterum by giving 1 obliterum and 1 primal sargerite. In your announcement news i saw a sentence that says 1 obliterum+2sargerite to get +5 upgrade. Am i doing something wrong? Server: Sylvanas Character: Mcgyver, alchemy warlock 110
  2. After a storyline quest in highmountain that need me confront an npc and get out, my character stuck at drawning look, i couldnt hand over quest so when even i canceled quest my char was looking like drawning and still it is.. I relogged and nothing changed. Char: Shahin, Demonhunter vengeance lv110 race: Bloodelf Horde
  3. Mobs dont show if they run to you, they stay ranged in view but you get melee damage from long range.. Hope we get previous patch back..
  4. Pvp english i guess =) but as he says, it was better if they launched patch with a bit more testing..
  5. Can a mod or GM inform us on when server will get back? It was told it would be online 10 AM GMT but not online yet..
  6. Önceki patchde vardı bu patchde ben de göremedim ama guild olmasa da ingiliz guildli türklere denk geliyorum. Guild kurarsan gelen olabilir yani ama patch legion olduğundan herkes ilvl peşinde pek guild bakmıyor
  7. they merge with other private servers but never close.. You can be calm about it. Ask players who still play here from vanilla days..
  8. it seems you didnt get training for tracking,battling etc. Like learning professions pets have some to learn too but not all pet masters teach it. Look for trainers in major cities. Btw i cant get my pets gain exp, some bug i guess.. I do 3v3 or so battles but battle ends without associating gained exp. But i can capture pets i battled (1 per battle).
  9. i have been killed too many times by ironmarch scouts till i get to portal and when i got there portal didn't let me go to hellfire peninsula. Portal was passive and red in color.. Char: CapsOn (Orc Monk lv60)