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  1. So, when are you going to fix it? Killing the boss of the factions rewards a box everyday. Fine! But as a player who came from the retail server when WoD was still on, I can tell you that Ashran is definitely a key-feature in WoD, which is more than just killing the boss solo as a druid. What about the events? The flagcapping? The ancient artifact? The PvP? The TEAMWORK? It would be great, if you'd be regarding that, because even the Ashran server, which did merge later with Firestorm servers, couldn't fix one of the most important features of WoD... Best wishes, Yaerian!
  2. Just my mounts and heirlooms got transfered!! Same problem like you all...
  3. Okay, thank you!
  4. Hi Guys Just a simple question: Are all characters being deleted after the end of open-beta? Or will they remain after official comes out? Thanks for responses!