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  1. What happened to Firestorm Launcher? Will it be back? Why was it removed from the site? Some people prefer to download the game while playing, what is the reason for the launcher to be removed? Perhaps developers refuse to continue working on it? I tried to download it from the site, but it was gone, had a friend to give it to me, and it's still working. Should i stop using it? All we need is answers.
  2. VIP

    It is not that much unfair. It's just points. Do you know what's unfair? Playing WotLK where shadowmourne is only available for donors. That's unfair.
  3. VIP

    I hope they will enable it. Even when i will never use it, it's still really good for the server.
  4. VIP

    A truly honest opinion. At first i did not like it, it was really lame. But when i think about it, it was actually good for the server, and it did not affect those who refuse to pay. What i'm trying to say is, this feature is not making players who pay for it "too overpowered" it just speeds the things a little bit. It is with duration, which means, even when you pay for it, you can't have it forever. You have to keep paying. This is business, this is money, and money is helping the server to fix things faster and better. More money = higher quality and higher quality = more players, also more players = better server. It's like having full gear in the shop available for real life money, and people can have it for seconds after payment, and those who refuse or have no money to give for games, they have to get the gear in-game..The hard way. Anyway both ways are available, you can pay for it and speed things a bit faster or you do it the free way, possible, slowly, but available! I'd say to bring this feature back, it'll help the server a lot. It's not like being in 3.3.5a server where shadowmourne is only available for donors. Now that is unfair and that is making donors overpowered. But this feature here, is just helping the server and is speeding things up for the players "who can't be much patient or wont". I would like to suggest to change this "Very Important Person" that is the part where it's really lame, it should be like "Become Premium" or something like that.
  5. I really liked the launcher, in fact it was one of the reasons why i even started playing here. Changed PC's and now i can't download the launcher. Will there be another launcher? Why was it removed?
  6. Well i'm not trolling about Firestorm updating their Legion server to 7.1 I think it'll take them nearly 1 year 11 months and 22 days, to fix most of the primary stuff. If we count all content, all details + new patches, hmm that's a lot of time.
  7. Isn't it too obvious? Of course they will update Legion to 7.1 and later patches, when they fix most of the primary stuff in 7.0.3 It's too early for Firestorm to upgrade the server to 7.1
  8. How do they even abuse, damage & health? What do they do
  9. Trust me, it will be a lot better than the other Legion private servers, in the near future. You must be incredibly naive to ask "How the fuck can you bug a realm so hard, that you start to crashing it every fucking 5 minutes" First, it's nobody's fault. Second, i believe they haven't found out what's causing the crashes, which is why they haven't inform us yet. Third, if they haven't found what is causing these crashes what do you inspect them to inform? "We're sorry, but as you can see Legion realm is crashing every 5 minutes, and we have no idea what's causing it" It's still a beta version, why the fuck are you expecting so much from a beta? Don't like it? pay monthly subscription and play retail or just go play another Legion private server. Cheers..
  10. I seriously do not think that "Donors" should get more information than regular players, which is why i think, they are not telling us anything yet, simply because they haven't found what's really causing these crashes, i am pretty sure they will inform us all, donors and NON-donors accounts, when the issue is properly fixed. It's not about WHO's complaining, it's about why we shouldn't complain, you've seen how people complain in-game, in forums, this is free service, complaining is a pure waste of time.
  11. Do you even realize that complaining, never really helped anyone achieve anything? By complaining we are simply wasting our time, and the time of others. Firestorm staff do know what's going on the server, the fact that they haven't posted any news on their Facebook page or website, means that they are still dealing with it, wondering how to fix it properly. It's patch 7.0.3, that was Blizzard's beta, it's pretty obvious that it's going to be like 5,000 times worse in Firestorm. Everybody knew that the Legion server will be very buggy, but they still wanted it OPEN, they cried for it, they didn't have patience at all. So please, give it time, everything will get better in time, and try to be more thankful, if you guys really do not have any patience, pay monthly subscription and play retail.
  12. I never encountered this issue, but i'd try to help. 1. Windows Firewall, try allowing the application "Firestorm Launcher" or turn it off. 2. Disable anti-virus software. 3. Make sure nothing else is blocking the application. 4. Delete the folder named "Firestorm Launcher" and run the launcher setup again, select language and install it in different directory, for example, if you installed it in "C" drive, there is higher chances to get blocked by something, so try installing it in "D" drive. 5. After doing the steps above, run the launcher as administrator and see if it works.
  13. Hey Tigd, thanks for the time spent, Rogue has been changed, Assassination seems the best spec for killing single target enemies, quickly. What do you think about rogues going against other classes, like warrior, mage, monk, druid, hunter? Are they buffed or nerfed?
  14. How are rogues in Legion? Are they disgusting as in MoP? - PvP related, are they weak?