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  1. Okay @xhaom. Just making sure.
  2. Hi guys, the problem should have been solved now. How is it now?
  3. Hello @xhaom, If you don't mind me asking how exactly are you going to sell them?
  4. Hi @theatnote, Please open an in-game ticket regarding your issue make sure to show them evidence and they will check the logs.
  5. Hi @theatnote, Please open an in-game ticket regarding your issue make sure to show them evidence and they will check the logs.
  6. Hello @Zartal, Locate your World of Warcraft folder right click it hit properties uncheck "read-only" click OK and OK again. After that enter the folder delete "cache" enter WTF folder delete "". See if this helps.
  7. Hi guys, If you still have more questions about the QA Feel free to ask.
  8. He is so close @dean! Some say he is watching us!
  9. You got your answer! It isn't doable at the moment. :- (
  10. Hello @LittleDevil99, This belongs to the bugtracker and not the suggestions topic. Please report bugs to the bugtracker only. declined.
  11. Hi @FubarXS, You can suggest it here: :- )
  12. Hi guys. I understand I am replying to such old thread. But. You can just try running the launcher as administrator and it should passby the loading bar.
  13. Hi @Sam, I suppose it was removed due to a changelog fix, or due to a bug or a server crash. But I will see if it will be back.
  14. Hello @NaughtyDecent, Via the shop you can transfer your character from the Warlords of Draenor realm to Legion realm. Just make sure you click Gul'dan on the shop and then Manage your characters and there you go! First transfer is free the others cost points.
  15. Hello @blackstok, @sokrat86, Please try locating your World of Warcraft folder right click the folder uncheck "read-only" click OK and OK again. After that delete your cache folder run the game as administrator and also reset your router. Also run the game from the folder and not launcher.
  16. Hi @Cordelia, Try clearing some quests then delete your cache and relog.
  17. wow expansion

    Hello all, Since this thread has caused too much drama (in my opinion) I am going to just remove this thread from here. Please next time try having a more relaxed and chilled thread.
  18. Hello @Tepic, Yes you can.
  19. The website developer has already enough work. I don't see such thing coming soon.
  20. Hello @shreakis, Did you try clearing your cache folder, running the game as administrator? unchecking read-only?
  21. Lol @Cyka.Kappa, It's normal it takes a while for a mount to show up.
  22. Hello @Ralrokk, Ouroboros isn't a English forum administrator he is mostly in the French forum and he is ALWAYS active in our Firestorm Discord. You should try to contact Inveric on the forum.
  23. wow expansion

    Once again you're taking this too easily, friend. You need to understand that opening a new expansion isn't so easy please understand that we don't have one million developers we have at least 14 - 17 I am not sure but still you must understand that they are mostly working on Legion and only one developer is on the Mists of Pandaria expansion it has bugs because we have don't have enough developers working on it, we have only one and only one or two quality assurance members on the Mists of Pandaria expansion. And of course, they are making some money out of it, not that much, but they do. The last expansion if Firestorm is gonna release it it's gonna be insanely insanely hard to stabilize it and to make it without bugs. Why? Because we'll most likely be the first server to release and it's normal for us to have a ton of bugs because we don't have enough experience with the expansion itself, you're taking things too simply you think it's easy to fix one million bugs in a day a week a month well, it's not it's not that easy and we're doing our best to make it a good experience for the players even if it's not we're working on the server all the time nonstop. You can't tell the developers to pay attention to old expansions because not everyone has your opinion and they think old expansions should be fixed and even if so, we can't do that because we don't have enough developers to work on each expansion Legion gets most of the attention because it has more content, it has more bugs to fix and it needs more work! Eventually, we'll get everything covered. Hopefully.
  24. Or you could just download this file: and put it in your WTF folder replace it with your current