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  1. Congratulations!
  2. @dubois1 Okay so the only thing you'd like to change is the resolution? :-)
  3. Hey there @dubois1, try once again to uncheck "Read-Only" from your WoW folder after that login into the game and choose your settings. Do not ALT-F4 or something like that keep opening settings and change to the graphics you'd like, and also try to delete your "" file from your WTF folder in WoW folder and again try to run wow as administrator if all of these options don't work tell me the video settings you'd like to change to and I will send you my .wtf file since all video settings go to there. Hope it helps!
  4. Title: Ironbound Wraithcharger Type: Shop Description:  Hello! I see that many people are asking me where did you get your mount "Ironbound Wraithcharger" so I keep telling them from the Tournament realm which is now gone and merged with Gul'dan. Many people are jealous of the few players that have it on Gul'dan because it's unobtainable now. I suggest to add this mount to the shop for a price of 100 - 120 firestorm gold points, personally I think 120 is the perfect price for this mount. That way people will have a way to obtain this mount now! Through the shop! Wowhead link to the mount: The Ironbound Wraithcharger
  5. Yep, I approve this!
  6. Kromog Blast Furnace easy *cough*
  7. You will be unbanned It was an abusing GM or a GM who was just hacked. Do not worry.
  8. Banned Freal for being so sweet.