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  1. ===============Introduction=============== Prophecy, one of the leading PvE guilds on the realm, with a notoriously long-standing reputation of consistent, successful raids, is opening it's doors for new members! Do you have the determination, the need, the unrelenting desire burning inside, to be at the very top of every DPS/HPS meter addon anyone can find, no matter what? Do you want to be so far ahead of the curve, that all of your friends come fawning at you, to join their raid, the instant they /inspect and /drool over how decked out your character(s) are with phat epix?! Are you tired of the hassle, of always seeing raids falling apart after 1 wipe, everyone starting off with wide smiles on their faces but leaving the very next moment with a frown? Do you wish to be a part of the most well organized raids, a healthy, positive community and an outstandingly knowledgable and sophisticated officer team? Then look no further, <Prophecy> wants YOU to be part of our core raiding team! ===============Main activities=============== [PvE] Regular Guild raids will be hosted for the following instances with descending priority. Hellfire Citadel - [N] / [H] || Progression - 0/10 Blackrock Foundry - [N] / [H] || Progression - 10/10 Highmaul - [N ]/ [H] || Progression - 7/7 Raiding schedule: Not yet decided, once we have people will decide on the time. ===============Recruitment=============== Guild recruitments will be done in-game or on the forums. You reply to this topic, or as a DM to me, or any of our current officers. Officers list: Virki Mewqtx Guild Master: Friend ===============Joining Requirements=============== - A level 100 character with at least 670 iLvl or higher - DBM/BigWigs - Excellent understanding of raid mechanics - Friendly, non-toxic attitude - Commitment to the guild, it's guildies and the server - Good knowledge and understanding of the English language ===============Additional Info=============== Guild hierarchy and rankups will work as follows: each member has a certain number of ranks they need to achieve and conquer before/if they are to become an Officer. Each guildie is free to approach the ranking system in their own way or at the pace of their choosing. Best way to rank up would be to make sure you are always helpful to other guildies when/if it's needed of course. Be active in our guild raids and in guild chat discussions. Do not break any Guild rules or Server rules. Being in a guild means something more than just sharing the same line of text under our names. Keeping that in mind is key to how your rankup will go. Help us continue to offer the best, most well-organized and successful raids to this server's community and maintain the image and friendly environment our guild has had since its inception (back during patch 6.0.3 in June 24, 2015.) With more to come...
  2. Bumpie!
  3. Yes, of course.
  4. Could you show us a screenshot of it?
  5. Soon.
  6. Soon. It's still closed for public. Because it isn't out yet. It will open for public soon. Soon. Not out yet. Soon. Soon. Soon. It's still closed for public.
  7. Moved back.. to where it was.
  8. It will be fixed shortly. Please be patient!
  9. Hello @Sam, Please use the "Report a Staff Member" function and please don't discuss about such things next time in the General Discussion or anywhere on the forum and in-game. If you have a feeling that a staff member used his powers for bad then please report them here: Thank you @Sam, and I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Have a nice day!
  10. Hello @ko3ackacka, Please post your appeal here: This is the General Discussion section. Ban appeals DO NOT belong here.
  11. Hello guys, There has a code problem and it should be resolved after the next restart. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, - Ouroboros.
  12. Hello @Khazark, Unfortunately they left the guild because the guild master was a really bad leader and a very bad guild master. So now Warforged Legion has been born and it is awesome. 9/10 HC already. :- )
  13. Hello everyone! The administrators & developers are aware of the disconnections in certain zones. They are currently working on a fix. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused! Sincerely.
  14. Hello @GOLDEN, Please try downloading this file: and placing it in your WTF folder. Replacing it with your current file.
  15. Hello @GOLDEN, Please make sure your realmlist is correct. Navigate to your World of Warcraft folder find a folder called "WTF" enter it , open a file called "" as Notepad and add this line: SET portal "" Please do tell me how it went.
  16. Hellfire Citadel won't be fixed any time soon because we currently don't have any developer in Warlords of Draenor realm (Gul'dan). So it will be postponed until we get a developer on Gul'dan. And also amazing guild I hope you guys will do well and grow to be even stronger because right now I don't see so many PvE Guilds on Gul'dan. I hope you will do well and not give up as easily. Good luck. (I am also in the Guild sorta).
  17. Okay @xhaom. Just making sure.
  18. Hi guys, the problem should have been solved now. How is it now?
  19. Hello @xhaom, If you don't mind me asking how exactly are you going to sell them?
  20. Hi @theatnote, Please open an in-game ticket regarding your issue make sure to show them evidence and they will check the logs.
  21. Hi @theatnote, Please open an in-game ticket regarding your issue make sure to show them evidence and they will check the logs.
  22. Hello @Zartal, Locate your World of Warcraft folder right click it hit properties uncheck "read-only" click OK and OK again. After that enter the folder delete "cache" enter WTF folder delete "". See if this helps.