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  1. I need to urgently report this problem ; Trojan Win32/Prowloc.A!CL. appears during beta BFA play 10 min ago ,Not nice when Windows Defenders logs in, not stop every second this problem, it's impossible to what I learned it is a program that collects information about a pc game etc, maybe it should be shut down or somehow report that you can safely test the bfa. Thanks in advance and sorry to interrupt
  2. hello, here i am a bit disappointed because i spent 900 loyalty points or you vote for it and i got nothing but a bottle that i can not use a couple of artifacts and couple of saregas blood, to 5 heroes on this acc each by cosmetic box and that's it 900 points are clear to you how many days and months of voting I've cleared cache etc etc and again nothing with that bottle can do anything, you can freely check my cosmetic box shopping, so please return my 900 loyalty points or give me the appropriate a bottle or box that I can use, thank you in advance and apologize for the distractions and all the best for the holiday season =)
  3. nothing fails I'm totally disappointed 900 points go in the wild and I think they will not get me back, nor will I get a cosmetic gear, so sorry = (
  4. thanks for trying to help but after 15 years on wow i know some old i made it like cleaned cache folders and similar things but simply the vial does not work and that's the 900 points i spent = (
  5. so there is no problem when I press the flask with the left or right mouse button. why i write =)
  6. hi Here I am spending 900 vote points on the cosmetic box and I got nothing but a few artifacts and a bottle I can not open, so please be nice to give me my 900 vote points that are collected every month for months or give me my cosmetic gear, thanks in advance and I'm happy to agree =) Happy Christmas to all hohohoho
  7. same in may meg drlecter ??? sam staf got inmail but most lost form banc ?