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  1. They will never fix things here , just get over it. no one cares of these bugs - gms are useless
  2. Yes , you will get 60 Lootboxes : 40+20 Bonus. Also its the same like normal Lootboxes , you have a chance for get a gearpiece in between that ilvl.
  3. There are so many reports which are there for over months , you need half a eternity till u fix things , u dont care anymore of this Realm so why to pretend?
  4. Welcome to the server and good luck
  5. The problem is the loot setting was masterlooter - 4 items dropped and he let roll for 2 items - the other 2 goes to his friend WITHOUT rolling .....
  6. It´s a shame that ninjalooters can do whatever they want without getting punished , make a rule which is against ninjalooters cause people wont do worldbosses again cause every time there is a ninja masterlooter. It´s the same shit again and again.